Friday, December 10, 2010

For Mom: Apartment Pictures

I am finally putting up pictures of our apartment for you.  Hopefully you can come see it all in person sometime!

Front door: Our next door neighbors decorated our front doors

Living Room: If you look carefully you can see my skeleton in the corner next to the couch.  I got it to help me with my kinesiology class but so far the most useful thing I have done with it is decorate for Halloween.

Close-up of our new book case

Kitchen: nice and clean

My favorite kitchen appliance

Bedroom: The bedding took forever for Andrew and me to pick out.  This is mostly because Andrew kept saying "Just pick something, I don't care" except every time I would show him something I liked he hated it.  Most commonly the reason was because it looked "like something an old lady would choose." 

Storage room/ office:  When they built these apartments they wanted to make this room large enough to be an infant's room if you want.  I guess a lot of newlyweds around here keep their babies in their closets so they wanted to accommodate that.  You can also see my favorite thing about the apartment--the air conditioner :)

Here's a nice close up of our crammed storage/ office:
Andrew carefully arranged the closet so that it could double as his office but he doesn't ever work at that desk.

This is where Andrew sets up camp daily.

Friday, December 3, 2010

"Jerusalem, if I forget you.."

 I have been thinking a lot lately about Jerusalem and my wonderful experience at the BYU Jerusalem Center last fall.  It is the third day of Hanukkah! With all the holidays--Muslim, Jewish, and Christian--it is such a fun time to be in the Old City.  Today I miss Jerusalem.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in Gig Harbor

Yesterday we made the 13 hour car ride back to Rexburg, ID from Gig Harbor, WA. Today we are sad to see our break from school slip away. We had a wonderful time at the Himmer house this week! Most years on Thanksgiving I sleep in and then lazily get out of bed and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

This year I got to experience a Himmer Thanksgiving. We were out of bed before 7 and running by 8. (My mom could testify that this is an accomplishment for me--I am not a morning person and I do not enjoy running) I ran my first ever 5K race! Well, to be honest, I only ran the last 100 yards across the finish line but I had a nice brisk walk with Andrew's mom and littlest brother. Andrew and his dad ran the 10K. Andrew's time was a little under 48 minutes! (that's averaging under 8 minute miles) Almost 2000 people came out of their warm beds to run in the snow and ice. I was disappointed when I realized that Andrew and I did not bring a camera to document our Turkey Trot but thankfully Andrew's dad got a few with his iphone:

That night we had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner with plenty of stuffing, pie, and Remember whens (brief anecdotes and memories about family members, typically comical). Everything tasted even better because of the exercise. We finished the night with Toy Story 3.

On Black Friday I went shopping with Andrew's mom. We were happy to find that the lines were not too long. I was thrilled to discover that Gap was having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale until 10am. Andrew doesn't have any sisters so after being in a house full of boys for the week it was nice to have a little girl's shopping with my mother-in-law!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"No outside food, no laptops, and NO WANDS!"

Most pictures are worth a thousand words.  Not this one.

If you know what's going on then
1.  You figured out the "wand" reference
2. You realize that the only movie worth seeing lately is the new Harry Potter movie

I am sad to say that this is the ONLY picture I have from the night.  Andrew and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter.  We even dressed up!  You can't really tell, but I am wearing a robe and Andrew has a scare on his forehead as well as a cape (which he only wore it for 5 minutes).  A special thanks had to go to our friend Corinne for getting the tickets!! The quote from the blog title is from the theatre workers who went around as we waited in line and made sure we understood what was banned in the theatre. Did you notice the elephant on the wall behind us?  Thank you Idaho Falls for decorating your theaters so beautifully with zoo animals. 

What you can tell from this picture is how exhausted we are.  Andrew vows that he will never again go to a midnight showing.  We did not get much sleep that night and I had school the next day and we were originally planning on leaving for Utah that night for thanksgiving.  However, on thursday we got news that Andrew's grandpa had passed away.  We changed our plans so that we could go to Andrew's house and be there for the funeral.  We drove all day on Saturday with Andrew's brother Stuart.  The trip took about 3 or 4 extra hours because of the snow.  We woke up at 4:30 am on Saturday to try and make it out of Idaho before the storm hit.  We hit stormy weather from the start.  Visibility was terrible but Andrew was a careful and skillful driver.  We arrived safely in Washington saturday night.  (My sleeping pattern is still wacky)  We were grateful to be here with Andrew's family for the funeral.  

Monday, November 15, 2010

Will Arm Wrestle for Food

Contest at Sammy's: win an arm wrestling contest and you get a free meal. If you loose? You have to buy a meal. I decided to go for it.

Andrew was too wimpy.

The arm wrestling table.

The cheering crowd.

About to win me a dinner.

OK moment of truth: I lost..  (I'm pretty sure I was the only one to loose) I blame my height--everyone else who competed was tall and I was barely tall enough.  If we were sitting I could have taken her.  In the end, I still had a yummy dinner.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Joys of Baking

Over the last few months I have been working on my bread making skills.  Since we have been married we have never bought bread at the store.  About every 2 weeks I bake a batch and we freeze a few loaves and it lasts us quite a while.  Lately, I have been looking for yummy new recipes to try. 

Yesterday I made Cinnamon Burst Bread (like Great Harvest).  This was the second time I have used this recipe.  The first time the bread turned out wonderful except for the cinnamon bursts.  You can either buy cinnamon bites or you can make them yourself.  I just made them myself and they dissolved in the bread, so instead of having bursts of cinnamon the whole bread had a slight cinnamon taste.  It was still good but I really wanted to make it right.  

The next time I tweaked the recipe a bit and was delighted when I took the bread out of the oven and cut a slice and saw bursts of cinnamon!  I was pretty proud of myself and quickly cut off a big slice and handed it to Andrew.  He took a big bite and I waited patiently for him to tell me it was amazing, instead he says "This doesn't taste very good.." I took a bite of my slice and wanted to spit it out.  Something was very wrong with this bread.  I later remembered that I hadn't added the salt.  I did some research on salt in bread and discovered that leaving out the salt caused my bread to over rise and be tasteless. 

Here is a picture of my beautiful tasteless bread:

P.S.  I am not opposed to buying bread and I highly doubt I will continue to make bread instead of buying it for the rest of my life.  I am just baking for fun :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Things we have eaten lately

I was going to title this entry "things we have done lately" until I realized that every picture has food in it...  Looks like food is pretty important at this house :)

A little while ago Andrew turned 24.  He doesn't like cake so I made him a birthday pie.  

We had a little party and played one of our favorite games--Ticket to Ride.

We made a really yummy steak dinner a few weeks ago.

Andrew's brother Stuart turned 22 and I finally had an excuse to bake a cake!

Monday, November 8, 2010

By the way..

We moved into our apartment at the beginning of September.  The basement we lived in was about 3 times bigger but we love living in town.  Our apartment came furnished which was perfect for us because we did not want to have to buy furniture.  The ward is wonderful!  These apartments are new and so we flooded the ward with about 85 extra people and before long, the ward split.  We are now part of a brand new ward.  We miss our friends in the 76th ward!

Bellow are pictures of our new apartment:

When we moved in we did not have a fridge, dishwasher, or oven/range.  The apartments are new and the appliances were not all there when we all moved in.  Half of the apartments had their appliances and as you can see, we are not one of those. There was a new shipment of appliances that morning--plenty of dishwashers and only 4 fridges.  Of course without a fridge to keep food and a oven/range to cook it a dishwasher is super useful...   Andrew was already on good terms with the managers and they very kindly let us have one of the 4 fridges they had.  (We love the managers!)  A few days later we got our oven/range.  We have been comfortably moved in for 3 months now and we love our little home.

See the doorway?  There is supposed to be a door there--the bedroom door--but because there wasn't a smoke detector in the kitchen the city told the managers that they couldn't have a door there.  They left the door in the back though and after a few days Andrew and I just put ours on...

See that bed?? It is brand-spanking new.  No one else has ever slept on it!  It still had the packing on it when we moved in.

I am sure Andrew would like me to point out the curvy shower rod.  

More recent pictures of the apartment to come!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Carmel Apples

My first semester at college my 3 roommates and I decided to host a "sadie hawkins" halloween-themed date.  The first time we asked out the boys through a music video.  For the date we started with cheese fondue, made carmel apples, went the the haunted mill, and then watched a movie and ate our apples.  It was quite the date!  The next year only 2 of us were left at school but we got a new roommate to join in with us.  We ditched the movie and the fondue but still had a wonderful time.  Last Halloween I was in Jerusalem.

This year none of the original 3 are close-by but in keeping with tradition I asked Andrew on a date! We went to a straw maze instead of the haunted mill.  Andrew lead us out in a record 13 minutes.  I had no idea where I was the whole time.  The maze was not lit and everything looked the same to me.   I was lost after 1 minute--I could't even point towards the entrance.  Not so for Andrew, he ran and I struggled to keep up.  The website said it took people around 45 minutes to get out of the maze, I thought we would be there forever.  I was convinced that Andrew was putting on a show and really had no idea what he was doing but before I knew it we were out of there!

Now comes the tasty part...the carmel apples!  We had such a hard time finding all the things we needed for our apples.  We went to 3 different stores looking for popsicle sticks mini m&ms (both of which are essential for making carmel apples!)  In the end we had to settle for jumbo craft sticks in Walmarts craft section.  Below I have included WAY too many pictures documenting our creations.

 I have to take a moment to praise my wonderful pans.  A group of aunts, uncles, and cousins on my dad's side got together and bought Andrew and I pans and a vacuum for our wedding.  Both the pans and the vacuum are amazing.  Theses are seriously the best pans I have every used.  Nothing sticks to them.  Not even rice crispy treats or carmel!  Thank you, thank you everyone who went in on this present--and thanks to my Aunt Debra for picking out such wonderful pans!

The reason I am making this face is because I asked Andrew to take a close up of the apple but instead I got this..

Remember those jumbo craft sticks? (Andrew called them tongue depressors)

Every carmel apple should have a layer of chocolate..

I attempted to decorate them with melted chocolate in a plastic bag with a corner snipped off.  

This apple is the one I made for myself--there is a very thick layer of chocolate and the tons of mini m&ms.  It was delicious!

In case you are wondering: No, we did not eat all of those apples by ourselves.  We gave away most of them to our friends :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Private No More

If you have read the first post then you know that we never intended to go public with this blog.  In fact, we planned on keeping our little blogging problem a secret.

Well all that ends now.

Here we are world.

Andrew the Chef

Andrew is a man of many talents.  Among these talents is cooking dinner when I am sick.

Here is proof:

more proof..

(He is making Mediterranean chicken and pasta)

Oh and here is another reason why Andrew is awesome...

He looks good in a snuggie :)

Moral: I picked a good husband.

The haircut to remember

by Andrew Himmer

I have a issue with my hair. Many might feel this is funny due to the fact that I have little hair. My mission companion said that I had as few months left in my mission than I did hair floccules. With this being said I like to keep my hair trimmed and short. I have had the same style haircut since I was seven. Needless to say I am not very creative with my hair. I don’t enjoy hair around my ears or on the back of my neck or anywhere on the sides of my head. I get an irritated and restless feeling with longer hair. My standard is that if I have to comb it, it’s too long.

People that know me well understand that I enjoy being thrifty. Hair cutting and styling is one of least important areas of my life. This being said I don’t feel that I should have to pay for a haircut. I have managed to only pay for a haircut (in the US) a handful of times. I have solicited help from my mom, skillful friends, and lately my wife. There is always a risk involved when receiving free haircuts. (I have never signed any safety or accident waiver, although I should have).

Intentional or unintentional?
In an effort to maintain my thriftiness, I purchased an inexpensive haircutting and trimming kit at the store (basically a hair trimmer with different size). Lindsay has willingly fulfilled the role as house barber and wielder of recently acquired hair trimmer. The last time I got a haircut Lindsay (first time after wedding) had finished cutting the sides and tops of my head and started on the ears and neck. Well to those who have cut hair this can prove tricky while wielding a large hair trimmer. Lindsay nicked an triangle portion of my hair on the side near the ear. It wasn’t fixable or concealable (remember short hair). In other words it was very noticeable. I had a business meeting for my internship the day after. My haircut was compromised. Lindsay felt a little remorseful but that didn’t last long. She was laughing and teasing me within minutes. Behold the pictures and memory of the moment:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Month of Luxury

This wednesday we move to our new apartment (and by new we mean NEW! Brand-spanking-new!)  We watched as they went up and  signed a contract starting in August.  I kept asking Andrew, "What if they aren't done in time?"  to which he assured me that they would be.  In June we were told that they would in fact NOT be finished in time and the new move in date was September first.  Andrew had arranged an internship in Idaho Falls that started immediately after we got married and so we needed to be in Rexburg before September. I had a bit of a panic attack and started madly searching for a place to stay.   We were blessed to find a beautiful, spacious basement (emphasis on the spacious!).  

Our month here is almost up and I am getting a little concerned about how we will manage living in a place that is a third the size of this place!  We are totally spoiled.  I am going to miss having a washer and dryer in our apartment and a huge kitchen and pantry.  Andrew is going to miss his giant desk.  What we will not miss though is the drive it takes to get out to this house!  It will be nice to be in town, close to everything.  It will be awesome to live in a brand new place.  I think this will be the last time in a very long time that we will have that luxury.  I guess saying we have one month of luxury is a bit of a lie.  We are leaving behind some luxuries and gaining new ones.  As newlywed housing goes, we definitely cannot complain!

Storage/ laundry room