Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Month of Luxury

This wednesday we move to our new apartment (and by new we mean NEW! Brand-spanking-new!)  We watched as they went up and  signed a contract starting in August.  I kept asking Andrew, "What if they aren't done in time?"  to which he assured me that they would be.  In June we were told that they would in fact NOT be finished in time and the new move in date was September first.  Andrew had arranged an internship in Idaho Falls that started immediately after we got married and so we needed to be in Rexburg before September. I had a bit of a panic attack and started madly searching for a place to stay.   We were blessed to find a beautiful, spacious basement (emphasis on the spacious!).  

Our month here is almost up and I am getting a little concerned about how we will manage living in a place that is a third the size of this place!  We are totally spoiled.  I am going to miss having a washer and dryer in our apartment and a huge kitchen and pantry.  Andrew is going to miss his giant desk.  What we will not miss though is the drive it takes to get out to this house!  It will be nice to be in town, close to everything.  It will be awesome to live in a brand new place.  I think this will be the last time in a very long time that we will have that luxury.  I guess saying we have one month of luxury is a bit of a lie.  We are leaving behind some luxuries and gaining new ones.  As newlywed housing goes, we definitely cannot complain!

Storage/ laundry room

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Andrew and I have been taking a daily bike/run.  I bike and he runs.  It started out as us both running--well to be honest he did the running for both of us I mostly walked with an occasional jogging period.  Now that I have a bike I have decided to bike instead of run.  This means I get to be the fast one of the pair!  It has been working out great, except for the pain I keep experiencing. I am saddle sore.  I don't actually have the sores but my behind has definitely taken a beating the last few days!  Before I can even sit down on my bike, my backside begins to hurt as if in anticipation.  Andrew keeps telling me I just have to keep biking and it will soon go away.  AHHH.  It better go away soon!  I have a goal to bike 25 miles before school starts.  Its not much but hopefully it will be enough to get me started.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Andrew's Soft Moment

One of Andrew's favorite pastimes is to check the BYU Idaho bulletin board for good deals.  (For those of you that do not know what this is, the bulletin board is a website like craigslist where you can post items for sale.)  A few days ago he noticed someone was trying to sell a women's bike for pretty cheap.  He asked the seller for a picture and discovered that the bike was purple and as Andrew knows, purple happens to be one of my favorite colors.  I think he must have realized that he was going to have to buy the bike because he called the guy up and we brought the bike home that same day!!  I now have a pretty new bike to ride...with the condition that I ride it to school.

Here I am with the new bike!  In our new kitchen!

We seriously live in the middle of nowhere!  This picture was taken right outside our house.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

With marriage...comes blogging.

On the eve of my marriage, two newlywed friends warned me that I would soon take up blogging.  I laughed.  And here I am.  However, I refuse to let the world know I have changed my mind and have therefore decided to make this blog a private blog...for the time being.  If you are reading this (and you are not my husband) I have obviously decided to let the world know I conformed.  

What do have against blogging you ask?  I feel like if I take up blogging I am saying "my life is so important people want to read about it!"  My harshness softened today when Andrew mention we should post some pictures of our first apartment on facebook.  I began thinking about how special this time is for Andrew and me.  It is not about thinking I am important.  I want a way to bottle the memories Andrew I are are making together as we rough it out as newlyweds.