Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Month of Luxury

This wednesday we move to our new apartment (and by new we mean NEW! Brand-spanking-new!)  We watched as they went up and  signed a contract starting in August.  I kept asking Andrew, "What if they aren't done in time?"  to which he assured me that they would be.  In June we were told that they would in fact NOT be finished in time and the new move in date was September first.  Andrew had arranged an internship in Idaho Falls that started immediately after we got married and so we needed to be in Rexburg before September. I had a bit of a panic attack and started madly searching for a place to stay.   We were blessed to find a beautiful, spacious basement (emphasis on the spacious!).  

Our month here is almost up and I am getting a little concerned about how we will manage living in a place that is a third the size of this place!  We are totally spoiled.  I am going to miss having a washer and dryer in our apartment and a huge kitchen and pantry.  Andrew is going to miss his giant desk.  What we will not miss though is the drive it takes to get out to this house!  It will be nice to be in town, close to everything.  It will be awesome to live in a brand new place.  I think this will be the last time in a very long time that we will have that luxury.  I guess saying we have one month of luxury is a bit of a lie.  We are leaving behind some luxuries and gaining new ones.  As newlywed housing goes, we definitely cannot complain!

Storage/ laundry room

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