Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Andrew and I have been taking a daily bike/run.  I bike and he runs.  It started out as us both running--well to be honest he did the running for both of us I mostly walked with an occasional jogging period.  Now that I have a bike I have decided to bike instead of run.  This means I get to be the fast one of the pair!  It has been working out great, except for the pain I keep experiencing. I am saddle sore.  I don't actually have the sores but my behind has definitely taken a beating the last few days!  Before I can even sit down on my bike, my backside begins to hurt as if in anticipation.  Andrew keeps telling me I just have to keep biking and it will soon go away.  AHHH.  It better go away soon!  I have a goal to bike 25 miles before school starts.  Its not much but hopefully it will be enough to get me started.

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