Tuesday, August 17, 2010

With marriage...comes blogging.

On the eve of my marriage, two newlywed friends warned me that I would soon take up blogging.  I laughed.  And here I am.  However, I refuse to let the world know I have changed my mind and have therefore decided to make this blog a private blog...for the time being.  If you are reading this (and you are not my husband) I have obviously decided to let the world know I conformed.  

What do have against blogging you ask?  I feel like if I take up blogging I am saying "my life is so important people want to read about it!"  My harshness softened today when Andrew mention we should post some pictures of our first apartment on facebook.  I began thinking about how special this time is for Andrew and me.  It is not about thinking I am important.  I want a way to bottle the memories Andrew I are are making together as we rough it out as newlyweds.

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