Sunday, October 17, 2010

The haircut to remember

by Andrew Himmer

I have a issue with my hair. Many might feel this is funny due to the fact that I have little hair. My mission companion said that I had as few months left in my mission than I did hair floccules. With this being said I like to keep my hair trimmed and short. I have had the same style haircut since I was seven. Needless to say I am not very creative with my hair. I don’t enjoy hair around my ears or on the back of my neck or anywhere on the sides of my head. I get an irritated and restless feeling with longer hair. My standard is that if I have to comb it, it’s too long.

People that know me well understand that I enjoy being thrifty. Hair cutting and styling is one of least important areas of my life. This being said I don’t feel that I should have to pay for a haircut. I have managed to only pay for a haircut (in the US) a handful of times. I have solicited help from my mom, skillful friends, and lately my wife. There is always a risk involved when receiving free haircuts. (I have never signed any safety or accident waiver, although I should have).

Intentional or unintentional?
In an effort to maintain my thriftiness, I purchased an inexpensive haircutting and trimming kit at the store (basically a hair trimmer with different size). Lindsay has willingly fulfilled the role as house barber and wielder of recently acquired hair trimmer. The last time I got a haircut Lindsay (first time after wedding) had finished cutting the sides and tops of my head and started on the ears and neck. Well to those who have cut hair this can prove tricky while wielding a large hair trimmer. Lindsay nicked an triangle portion of my hair on the side near the ear. It wasn’t fixable or concealable (remember short hair). In other words it was very noticeable. I had a business meeting for my internship the day after. My haircut was compromised. Lindsay felt a little remorseful but that didn’t last long. She was laughing and teasing me within minutes. Behold the pictures and memory of the moment:

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