Monday, November 8, 2010

By the way..

We moved into our apartment at the beginning of September.  The basement we lived in was about 3 times bigger but we love living in town.  Our apartment came furnished which was perfect for us because we did not want to have to buy furniture.  The ward is wonderful!  These apartments are new and so we flooded the ward with about 85 extra people and before long, the ward split.  We are now part of a brand new ward.  We miss our friends in the 76th ward!

Bellow are pictures of our new apartment:

When we moved in we did not have a fridge, dishwasher, or oven/range.  The apartments are new and the appliances were not all there when we all moved in.  Half of the apartments had their appliances and as you can see, we are not one of those. There was a new shipment of appliances that morning--plenty of dishwashers and only 4 fridges.  Of course without a fridge to keep food and a oven/range to cook it a dishwasher is super useful...   Andrew was already on good terms with the managers and they very kindly let us have one of the 4 fridges they had.  (We love the managers!)  A few days later we got our oven/range.  We have been comfortably moved in for 3 months now and we love our little home.

See the doorway?  There is supposed to be a door there--the bedroom door--but because there wasn't a smoke detector in the kitchen the city told the managers that they couldn't have a door there.  They left the door in the back though and after a few days Andrew and I just put ours on...

See that bed?? It is brand-spanking new.  No one else has ever slept on it!  It still had the packing on it when we moved in.

I am sure Andrew would like me to point out the curvy shower rod.  

More recent pictures of the apartment to come!


  1. Lindsay, it's all downhill from there. :)

  2. Does that bathroom door have a door knob? It all looks perfectly new!

  3. When we moved in we did not have any door knobs actually. Except for the front door. We have one now :)

  4. Oh I'm with Andrew. Curvy shower rods are a sign of true class. Very fancy glad you pointed it out.