Friday, December 10, 2010

For Mom: Apartment Pictures

I am finally putting up pictures of our apartment for you.  Hopefully you can come see it all in person sometime!

Front door: Our next door neighbors decorated our front doors

Living Room: If you look carefully you can see my skeleton in the corner next to the couch.  I got it to help me with my kinesiology class but so far the most useful thing I have done with it is decorate for Halloween.

Close-up of our new book case

Kitchen: nice and clean

My favorite kitchen appliance

Bedroom: The bedding took forever for Andrew and me to pick out.  This is mostly because Andrew kept saying "Just pick something, I don't care" except every time I would show him something I liked he hated it.  Most commonly the reason was because it looked "like something an old lady would choose." 

Storage room/ office:  When they built these apartments they wanted to make this room large enough to be an infant's room if you want.  I guess a lot of newlyweds around here keep their babies in their closets so they wanted to accommodate that.  You can also see my favorite thing about the apartment--the air conditioner :)

Here's a nice close up of our crammed storage/ office:
Andrew carefully arranged the closet so that it could double as his office but he doesn't ever work at that desk.

This is where Andrew sets up camp daily.

Friday, December 3, 2010

"Jerusalem, if I forget you.."

 I have been thinking a lot lately about Jerusalem and my wonderful experience at the BYU Jerusalem Center last fall.  It is the third day of Hanukkah! With all the holidays--Muslim, Jewish, and Christian--it is such a fun time to be in the Old City.  Today I miss Jerusalem.