Friday, December 10, 2010

For Mom: Apartment Pictures

I am finally putting up pictures of our apartment for you.  Hopefully you can come see it all in person sometime!

Front door: Our next door neighbors decorated our front doors

Living Room: If you look carefully you can see my skeleton in the corner next to the couch.  I got it to help me with my kinesiology class but so far the most useful thing I have done with it is decorate for Halloween.

Close-up of our new book case

Kitchen: nice and clean

My favorite kitchen appliance

Bedroom: The bedding took forever for Andrew and me to pick out.  This is mostly because Andrew kept saying "Just pick something, I don't care" except every time I would show him something I liked he hated it.  Most commonly the reason was because it looked "like something an old lady would choose." 

Storage room/ office:  When they built these apartments they wanted to make this room large enough to be an infant's room if you want.  I guess a lot of newlyweds around here keep their babies in their closets so they wanted to accommodate that.  You can also see my favorite thing about the apartment--the air conditioner :)

Here's a nice close up of our crammed storage/ office:
Andrew carefully arranged the closet so that it could double as his office but he doesn't ever work at that desk.

This is where Andrew sets up camp daily.

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  1. Cute place Linds! I love it :) Also I totally LOVE your blog!