Wednesday, December 21, 2011


No more tests, no more homework, no more memorizing useless numbers and names, no more projects, no more presentations!

I am a college graduate!

It was a little touch-and-go there for a while but I made it though this semester.  I took on my largest load yet--16 credits and an externship, not to mention I found out I was pregnant the day before school started.

No one warned me about the exhaustion.  Most days I ended up taking a nap on a bench at school or in my car in between classes just to get through the day.  But it was worth it.  During the semester I questioned why I took on so much--I could have split it up, Andrew still has another semester of school.  Now that it's all over I am so glad I just pushed through.  I can't picture trying to cram my 7-8 month pregnant self into a desk.

If you are wondering about the lack of pictures from graduation that is because I haven't walked yet.  You can postpone walking if you want and I decided I want to wait for Andrew to graduate so we can walk together at the end of next semester.  That way, our family only has to come once.  It also means I will be waddling.

Here is a picture from my high school graduation to make official graduation feel more legit:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Boy or Girl?

I will admit, I am not always very patient.  The idea of waiting until after Christmas to find out our baby's gender was almost more than I could handle.  Thankfully it is possible to find out the gender as early as 15 weeks, if you are willing to pay...

Last week I got a free ultrasound at 16 weeks!  (My awesome cousin Amy has the hookups!)  A friend suggested I eat some ice cream before to get the baby moving.  I had a blizzard right before and it worked a little too well.. the little squirt would not stop wiggling long enough to tell!  I was a little disappointed but thrilled for the chance to see the little one.

After all the anticipation, I was determined.  On the way home I called my OB office and made an appointment for a gender check.  This time I did not eat a blizzard before I went.  Little babe was still pretty wiggly but thankfully the ultrasound tech got a few good pecks and told us we are having a little girl!!

I guess we have yet to break the Pugmire "curse"

Here are my favorite shots from the ultrasound:

Love the hand in this one



Our Ultrasound tech calls this shot the "crazy eyes"

Saturday, November 19, 2011

We're Expecting!

Baby Himmer is due May 18!   
First Ultrasound--8 weeks along
(this is from 6 weeks ago)

Honestly, I don't really know what we are looking at in these pictures, but it was exciting to see our baby and know that this is real.  Except for doctor's appointments, I feel like this is just a big game of pretend.  Now that my pants are getting tighter and I have the awkward pre-pregnant belly pudge I am finally starting to believe it!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Every Halloween, Grandma and Grandpa Harris invite the whole family over to make donuts.  In past years I have never been able to go, but his year I was determined to be there.  I made sure to document it with photos.  The only camera I had was my little sisters ipod with the instagram app so the quality is not amazing but here it goes:

I helped roll out the dough and used the nifty donut cutter to get them the right shape.  Our family prefers donut holes so we made sure to make lots and lots of those.

This is my dad.  He manned the fryer all night long.  He has frying down to an art (as well as flipping pancakes).

The glaze.

This is my Aunt Jane. She glazed, frosted, and occasionally double glazed the donuts.  Every donut gets glazed regardless of if it will also have frosting on it.  It's a family rule.

Close up.

This is my sister Taylor. She is showing off the final product.

I'm glad I finally got be a part of this family tradition!

Monday, June 20, 2011

"Heart of a lion, this one..."

Let me just preface this story by telling you two things about me:

1. I am scared to death of bugs and critters inside the house

2. My fight-or-flight response is flight all the way (if you don't know what I am referring to click here)

By now you have probably guessed where this is going...

A few nights ago Andrew and I were sitting in our living room when we heard a weird noise coming from the kitchen. After about the second clutter, I requested Andrew go into the kitchen and inspect what the disturbing noise is. I say "requested" but it would be more appropriate to say demanded.. At this point I knew we had some sort of critter under the oven and I was quick to picture a giant rat.

Andrew jumped right into attack mode.  He handed me broom and asked me to stand in the doorway of the kitchen.  He had a mop and began to investigate.

I stayed long enough to get this picture:

Suddenly the monstrous critter began to poke its head out from under the over and moments later I was bolting out kitchen and out the front door.  

This was my view:

To our great surprise our critter was a BIRD!  The bird crashed around our house for a few seconds before it finally found the front door.  I have never been more terrified of a bird in my entire life. Birds, bugs, critters are fine as long as they do not come inside my home!

Here is the big question: How on earth did a bird get behind our oven?!?!  

Andrew pulled the oven away from the wall and found this:

A big hole in the drywall. Apparently the bird got in from a vent on the outside into the walls, then it found its way through the hole behind our oven and got stuck between the wall and the oven. The noise we heard was its wings and talons trying to get out from behind the oven. It eventually just crawled its way out.  

To be sure we did not run into this problem again we taped a big piece of cardboard over the hole:

The cardboard must have done the trick because we have yet to have another bird sighting.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unemployed no more!

Guess who's bringing home the bacon!! Actually I really hate bacon. (I know, I know, I must not be a true American.)  I am happy to report that I found a job!  Not only that, but it's a job that actually has to do with my major!  I am working for a home care company, right now they have me working with a wonderful elderly woman.  She can still do most things for herself so I mostly am there for companionship and to cook meals for her. The other day she taught me a new card game and we ended up playing cards for a few hours.

Since I do not have any licenses or certifications beyond First Aid and CPR I was originally put on evening and graveyard shifts so that I wouldn't be required to do as much.  My first overnight turned out to be a lot better than I expected.  I am required to stay awake but I was able to watch TV and read.  Yesterday, I got some really good news, they are going to give me mostly day shifts from now on!

I couldn't have asked for a better job!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wedding Video

There is a little story behind the music in this video.  I only had one job for the editing of this movie--pick the music.   Easier said than done.  If I didn't pick the music before the end of February then it would be picked for me.  The pressure of time was the only thing that motivated me enough to buckle down and pick something.  If my parents are reading this they are probably laughing and nodding.

In my defense, Andrew wasn't much help with this one.  I tried to involve him in the song picking but he kept saying "Whatever you pick is fine," yet every time I found a song I was considering he would shake his head and say, "" In the end I finally picked some songs we both agreed on.

That being said, if you have any issues with the music I picked, I don't care to hear it :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fired before I could be hired

It's summer break and I have one objective, find a Medical Assisting internship.  This has been my mission for the last few months and so far I have had little luck.  There are a few options but the timing is not what I hoped.  My new plan is to get a job.  However, if you know anything about finding a job in Rexburg, then you know that if you are lucky enough to find a job, be prepared to get paid almost nothing.

Yesterday while I was searching Craigslist I saw a listing for a nanny position with a fun looking family with 4 little girls.  The pay wasn't bad and the hours were good so I was hopeful that maybe this would work out.  I let myself get really excited when I was contacted almost immediately for an interview the next day.

Today, a few hours before the interview the mother called me to cancel the interview because they decided they didn't need the help after all.  She told me that she had been ready to hire me and that I had an impressive resume.  Bummer.

So back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We don't know how to stay put

We just moved for the third time in our short married life.  Although, as much as I hate moving, it was well worth it!  The last apartment we were in was really cramped and a little overpriced.  We chose to live there because it was furnished, but have since decided that buying our own would be more cost effective.  Our new apartment is at least twice the space, has an extra room, and costs us less!  Another happy bonus is we ended up back in the 76th ward. (Despite the fact that they have already asked us to give talks!)  

Hopefully we will be here until graduation!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

My Biggest Winner team won the competition!!  (Although, I am pretty sure that all 2 readers of our readers already knew this..)  I have been putting off writing this post in hopes of getting my hands on pictures from my teammates but I finally came to my senses.

Heres the team and trainers!
Here are the details:

The thing everyone asks is, "What did you win??" We got T-shirts, a backpack, personal drink blenders, and a water bottle.

Also, I lost 10 pounds!

Thank you Biggest Winner!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Brief Update

Things haven't been very exciting around here lately.  Andrew and I both have a full load of classes along with part-time jobs and we both spend around an hour and half at the gym every night.  Andrew is trying to run more miles than his dad and I am doing the Biggest Winner competition.  Between all that, we don't have a lot of free time.

The most exciting thing we have done lately is watch Alias.  I used to watch Alias every week with my family but Andrew has never seen it.  I have forgotten most of what happens in the show so it has been fun for both of us.  We rarely get to just sit and enjoy it though.  I am usually grading papers for my job while Andrew works on design work.

I think it sufficeth to say, I look forward to graduating.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Cheers to Six Months!

(Nonalcoholic--I promise!)
Can you believe it? The five months or so that we were engaged seemed to drag on relentlessly.  In contrast, these last six months have sped by!  I cannot believe that we have been married for six whole months!  In honor of our little anniversary, I want to share 6 things about marriage and Andrew that I am grateful for:

1. Andrew is a wonderful listener.
Andrew has learned that if we are in the same room I cannot help but chatter on relentlessly.  Even if he is up and doing things (getting ready for bed for example) I follow him around and continue to ramble on and on.  He is very kind about this.  I know he would often prefer to work in silence but he rarely complains.  If I have something more serious to talk about he will stop what he is doing and look at me while I talk.  He asks me questions to be sure understands. I really appreciate that.

2. We don't have to say goodbye at night anymore.
BYU-Idaho has a midnight curfew for all single students. Andrew and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter 6 and I didn't feel a bit guilty!

3. Andrew is very patient.
He has the ability to remain completely calm and reasonable even when I am quite the opposite.  I can never stay mad at him long because he doesn't let disagreements turn into personal attacks.

4. I get to sharing an apartment with my best friend instead of roommates!  
Don't get me wrong, I loved my roommates but I LOVE having the whole fridge to myself and not having to fight for a burner on the stove or argue over whose turn it is to do dishes.

5. Andrew is a very hard worker. 
It is hard to talk Andrew into taking a break.  If he isn't doing homework or at his job then he is working on his web design, doing projects for his dad, studying scriptures or drawing.  I really admire that.

6. I don't have to go on awkward first dates anymore!
For the most part dating was awkward and uncomfortable, until I met Andrew.  We had so much fun dating and we still do.  Tonight, to celebrate our little anniversary we are going to a movie and getting frozen custard at BRCs :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Please someone give me pizza!

Is it a problem that I want to reward myself for working out with food..?  My mom would always say that working made her want healthy foods so as not to mess up all the hard work she just put in exercising.  Me, on the other hand, I see it as my reward for exercise.  I think I need to find a different way to reward myself though if I want to do well in the Biggest Winner competition.

As a general rule, I crave pizza like crazy after I exercise.  Not just any pizza, pepperoni pizza with alfredo sauce at Pizza Pie Cafe (formally known as Craigos) from the outlet in Broulims. One slice of that yummy pizza probably has more calories than I burned in my entire workout (which today was around 800 calories!) I am proud to say that I did not give in.  But boy did I want to!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Biggest Winner: Day 1

Workouts started today for the Biggest Winner competition!  I was actually pretty excited to workout since BYU-I just got a bigger gym.  Before, you practically had to wait in line to get on a treadmill or an elliptical but now there are TONS!  It might have had something to do with today being a holiday though...

The program is set up so that if you workout on your own you earn 3 points, but if you work out as a group you earn 6 points.  So there is incentive to workout together.  That being said, I was a little shocked when only half of my group showed up today. I hope that is not a sign of things to come! Our trainer,  Jacob, had us focus on cardio today.  I think he just wanted to see where we all were at so he encouraged us to form a baseline for our workouts.  He wanted us to see how much we could do today on the elliptical or bike and use that as our minimum from now on.  I did a little over an hour on the elliptical and then 15 minutes on a stair machine.

I really do love working out.  What I hate is getting myself to go to the gym, once I am there it is not so bad and when its over I feel like a rock star.  Even the horrible mirrors in the locker room that make me look like I just gained 20 pounds couldn't get me down today!  If nothing else, this program will be a good thing for me because it will help me get to the gym.  I have a set time to go everyday and I will let people down if I don't show.  But don't worry, I am sure I will still complain like crazy right before I have to go :)

On a side note, the gym has wireless internet which is awesome because I can watch Netflix on my ipod touch while I work out!!  I was so into my show that I hardly noticed the time going by!  Also, I can listen to pandora!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Biggest Winner

I am an official contestant of the first BYU Idaho Biggest Winner competition!  Yes, I meant to write "winner."  I guess we are not allowed to call each other losers at BYU-I even if we are referring to weight..

I am on the yellow team with five other students.  There are six or seven teams total.  Each team has two personal trainers and a weekly appointment with a nutritionist.  Also there are workout classes speciffically for the program and biweekly group competitions.  The competition will last for the entire semester.  I entered to force myself to be accountable for exercising and eating healthy. Plus, where else am I going to get a personal trainer and a nutritionalist for $30/semester??

By sharing this on my blog, I hope that I can feel even more accountable to my workout and nutrition goals.  Baking goodies and yummy foods is my biggest weakness.  As I type, there are brownies baking in my oven...  They are my last indulgence before I crack down and start this healthy business.  Tomorrow I have my first team workout!

Feel free to start asking me if I have worked out!