Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Biggest Winner

I am an official contestant of the first BYU Idaho Biggest Winner competition!  Yes, I meant to write "winner."  I guess we are not allowed to call each other losers at BYU-I even if we are referring to weight..

I am on the yellow team with five other students.  There are six or seven teams total.  Each team has two personal trainers and a weekly appointment with a nutritionist.  Also there are workout classes speciffically for the program and biweekly group competitions.  The competition will last for the entire semester.  I entered to force myself to be accountable for exercising and eating healthy. Plus, where else am I going to get a personal trainer and a nutritionalist for $30/semester??

By sharing this on my blog, I hope that I can feel even more accountable to my workout and nutrition goals.  Baking goodies and yummy foods is my biggest weakness.  As I type, there are brownies baking in my oven...  They are my last indulgence before I crack down and start this healthy business.  Tomorrow I have my first team workout!

Feel free to start asking me if I have worked out!


  1. Ok.. that is seriously awesome! Can't wait to hear how it goes! Also... what is the prize? Other than looking like a hot babe in the end..(although you already do anyways)

  2. They haven't said what the prize is yet. I think they are planning on keeping it a surprise? Mostly I am doing it for the support group and the personal trainers.

  3. Lindsay, that is SO awesome. I am VERY jealous. Really, soak in all the good advice you can before you have little people to really ruin your life. PUHLEEZE write about how it's going on your blog (or, you can always write about it on my blog)!