Monday, January 31, 2011

Cheers to Six Months!

(Nonalcoholic--I promise!)
Can you believe it? The five months or so that we were engaged seemed to drag on relentlessly.  In contrast, these last six months have sped by!  I cannot believe that we have been married for six whole months!  In honor of our little anniversary, I want to share 6 things about marriage and Andrew that I am grateful for:

1. Andrew is a wonderful listener.
Andrew has learned that if we are in the same room I cannot help but chatter on relentlessly.  Even if he is up and doing things (getting ready for bed for example) I follow him around and continue to ramble on and on.  He is very kind about this.  I know he would often prefer to work in silence but he rarely complains.  If I have something more serious to talk about he will stop what he is doing and look at me while I talk.  He asks me questions to be sure understands. I really appreciate that.

2. We don't have to say goodbye at night anymore.
BYU-Idaho has a midnight curfew for all single students. Andrew and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter 6 and I didn't feel a bit guilty!

3. Andrew is very patient.
He has the ability to remain completely calm and reasonable even when I am quite the opposite.  I can never stay mad at him long because he doesn't let disagreements turn into personal attacks.

4. I get to sharing an apartment with my best friend instead of roommates!  
Don't get me wrong, I loved my roommates but I LOVE having the whole fridge to myself and not having to fight for a burner on the stove or argue over whose turn it is to do dishes.

5. Andrew is a very hard worker. 
It is hard to talk Andrew into taking a break.  If he isn't doing homework or at his job then he is working on his web design, doing projects for his dad, studying scriptures or drawing.  I really admire that.

6. I don't have to go on awkward first dates anymore!
For the most part dating was awkward and uncomfortable, until I met Andrew.  We had so much fun dating and we still do.  Tonight, to celebrate our little anniversary we are going to a movie and getting frozen custard at BRCs :)


  1. Awh... not having to date again sometimes keeps Drew and I together, still. ;)

  2. Great blog post! Congratulations on your 6-month anniversary. Its wonderful to hear about my boy and how he makes you happy. We continue to feel blessed that you are part of our family.

    Thank you for making Andrew happy and complete.

  3. Those are very true things about Andrew. Thanks for appreciating him, Lindsay. We miss you both!