Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fired before I could be hired

It's summer break and I have one objective, find a Medical Assisting internship.  This has been my mission for the last few months and so far I have had little luck.  There are a few options but the timing is not what I hoped.  My new plan is to get a job.  However, if you know anything about finding a job in Rexburg, then you know that if you are lucky enough to find a job, be prepared to get paid almost nothing.

Yesterday while I was searching Craigslist I saw a listing for a nanny position with a fun looking family with 4 little girls.  The pay wasn't bad and the hours were good so I was hopeful that maybe this would work out.  I let myself get really excited when I was contacted almost immediately for an interview the next day.

Today, a few hours before the interview the mother called me to cancel the interview because they decided they didn't need the help after all.  She told me that she had been ready to hire me and that I had an impressive resume.  Bummer.

So back to the drawing board.


  1. Random... but an even more random question... we r thinking about getting a nanny @ asu.... what's the going wage? Email me.

  2. I'm hiring. Can't pay much, but we offer room and board... and a party after 8 every night. Also... lots of good mexican food will be involved.

  3. ohhh that sucks! i know how you feel girl! you'll find something!