Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We don't know how to stay put

We just moved for the third time in our short married life.  Although, as much as I hate moving, it was well worth it!  The last apartment we were in was really cramped and a little overpriced.  We chose to live there because it was furnished, but have since decided that buying our own would be more cost effective.  Our new apartment is at least twice the space, has an extra room, and costs us less!  Another happy bonus is we ended up back in the 76th ward. (Despite the fact that they have already asked us to give talks!)  

Hopefully we will be here until graduation!


  1. We moved a lot before kids. Let me tell you, savor it now. This move may possibly kill me.

  2. hey thanks for the comment! i forgot that i didn't follow your blog yet! ugh, moving stinks, but at least you get to redecorate... haha!

  3. also your header picture is just tooooo cute :]