Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Every Halloween, Grandma and Grandpa Harris invite the whole family over to make donuts.  In past years I have never been able to go, but his year I was determined to be there.  I made sure to document it with photos.  The only camera I had was my little sisters ipod with the instagram app so the quality is not amazing but here it goes:

I helped roll out the dough and used the nifty donut cutter to get them the right shape.  Our family prefers donut holes so we made sure to make lots and lots of those.

This is my dad.  He manned the fryer all night long.  He has frying down to an art (as well as flipping pancakes).

The glaze.

This is my Aunt Jane. She glazed, frosted, and occasionally double glazed the donuts.  Every donut gets glazed regardless of if it will also have frosting on it.  It's a family rule.

Close up.

This is my sister Taylor. She is showing off the final product.

I'm glad I finally got be a part of this family tradition!