Wednesday, December 21, 2011


No more tests, no more homework, no more memorizing useless numbers and names, no more projects, no more presentations!

I am a college graduate!

It was a little touch-and-go there for a while but I made it though this semester.  I took on my largest load yet--16 credits and an externship, not to mention I found out I was pregnant the day before school started.

No one warned me about the exhaustion.  Most days I ended up taking a nap on a bench at school or in my car in between classes just to get through the day.  But it was worth it.  During the semester I questioned why I took on so much--I could have split it up, Andrew still has another semester of school.  Now that it's all over I am so glad I just pushed through.  I can't picture trying to cram my 7-8 month pregnant self into a desk.

If you are wondering about the lack of pictures from graduation that is because I haven't walked yet.  You can postpone walking if you want and I decided I want to wait for Andrew to graduate so we can walk together at the end of next semester.  That way, our family only has to come once.  It also means I will be waddling.

Here is a picture from my high school graduation to make official graduation feel more legit:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Boy or Girl?

I will admit, I am not always very patient.  The idea of waiting until after Christmas to find out our baby's gender was almost more than I could handle.  Thankfully it is possible to find out the gender as early as 15 weeks, if you are willing to pay...

Last week I got a free ultrasound at 16 weeks!  (My awesome cousin Amy has the hookups!)  A friend suggested I eat some ice cream before to get the baby moving.  I had a blizzard right before and it worked a little too well.. the little squirt would not stop wiggling long enough to tell!  I was a little disappointed but thrilled for the chance to see the little one.

After all the anticipation, I was determined.  On the way home I called my OB office and made an appointment for a gender check.  This time I did not eat a blizzard before I went.  Little babe was still pretty wiggly but thankfully the ultrasound tech got a few good pecks and told us we are having a little girl!!

I guess we have yet to break the Pugmire "curse"

Here are my favorite shots from the ultrasound:

Love the hand in this one



Our Ultrasound tech calls this shot the "crazy eyes"