Monday, August 6, 2012

Penny Escapes

This is how I found Penny after a nap.  The sneaky little thing managed to get her arm out a swaddler that Andrew named "the baby straitjacket".

Penny loves sucking on her fist (even through her blankets) but will constantly startle herself awake if we leave her arms out, not that that stops her.  Penny is a pro at breaking out of swaddles.  We thought we could contain her with the fancy new swaddler but Penny has yet to meet a blanket she couldn't best.

Penny also likes to wriggle around in her crib until she gets her feet stuck in the bars.  Penny will lift her legs up and throw them to the side in an effort to get her mouth closer to her fist. Often I will notice on the video monitor that she has both legs stacked on top of each other stuck between two bars.  

Eventually she falls asleep and I sneak into her room and roll her onto her back and away from the bars.


  1. We love our sweet Penny!! I love seeing her little personality coming out!!! Please give her hugs and kisses from her GREAT NT Jeni!!

  2. I can't wait to meet her!!! And I totally want your crib sheet- love it :)