Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

It was hard to watch Andrew leave for work yesterday after our wonderful vacation.  Though, it helps to know that Christmas is just three short weeks away!  For Thanksgiving this year, we had a delicious feast at my parents and stayed the night.  Andrew and I went with my sisters to see the new Hunger Games movie that night but the theatre made a mistake and double booked our showing.  We didn't get to see the movie on Thanksgiving, but they gave us tickets to go back the next day as well as free movie passes.   Andrew has already decided to use his ticket to see the Hobbit in a few weeks!

Aside from the movie, Friday was spent relaxing and eating leftovers for every meal.  Penny is at such a fun age!  She loved getting snuck treats by everyone and had fun playing with some of my younger cousins.  Finally, the stairs in my parents house have become less exciting for her so I didn't have to spend the whole time watching and worrying about her falling down them.  It makes me so happy to watch my parents and sisters play with Penny.  They love her so much.  Being the only grandchild sure has its perks!

On Wednesday our heat stopped working.  We were about to leave for my parents so it wasn't a big deal at the time.  Our landlord tried to get someone there to fix it on Friday but it didn't work out so when we got back home our apartment was really chilly!   There is a small space heater in Penny's room so she was comfortable but the rest of the house was freezing.  There is a fireplace in our living room that Andrew wanted to build a fire in but I kept protesting.  I insisted that it would make our whole house smell like a campfire, he assured me it would not, and I finally got cold enough to agree.

We already had some firewood in our backyard.  Our landlord told us that they had the flue removed so Andrew quickly got a fire started.  Immediately our apartment started to fill with smoke and all the fire alarms started to go off.  There was a flue after all. Andrew put out the fire and we opened all the doors and windows to air out all the smoke.  We were left with a very cold, smelly apartment.

The next day Andrew took a closer look inside the fireplace and confirmed that there was a flue and opened it.  We enjoyed a toasty fire all day Saturday and Sunday.  Yesterday our heat was fixed, just in time for all the snow we got today! Now, I just need to figure out how to get the campfire smell out of our house!

*In case my landlord or anyone who knows him ever reads this, I just want you to know that we think you are a great and so quick to fix anything that comes up!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


When I was pregnant with Penny, Andrew and I were finishing school and he was looking for a job.  We had to move out of student housing before he found one so we moved in with my parents.  It was a long and stressful few weeks but Andrew found a great job. We signed a lease for an apartment in Salt Lake City a few days after my due date (which came and went with no Penny in sight).  When Penny was one week old we moved in.

34 weeks
This time life is a little less crazy.  I love knowing exactly where this little girl will be coming home to and I can prepare!  One Saturday, Andrew and I went through our whole house and got rid of bags and bags full of things we don't use or need.  I have been putting dozens of things on craigslist and have been using the money to fund crafting projects for Penny's little sister. We cleaned and organized the whole house and turned a corner of our bedroom into a little nursery nook. I got out Penny's tiny baby clothes and washed and organized them.  So far, I have resisted the urge to packing hospital bags, but I will probably cave by the end of the week.

For the first time in my life, I already have most of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving!  Andrew and I already bought (and I am currently using) our gift to each other--a beautiful iMac.  Penny also got her big gift early, a doll, since I wanted to help teach her about babies and being gentle.  She has affectionately named her Mimi.  Don't be surprised if you come by our house in the next few days and see Christmas decorations up... Normally, I do not approve of anything Christmas before Thanksgiving, but this year I have gone a little crazy!  I will be full term the week before Christmas which I believe has fooled me into thinking I can make it come faster by decorating sooner!

Update: Since I started writing this post, I have started decorating for Christmas and made gingerbread houses with some of my friends.

Last night I stupidly told Andrew that this pregnancy has been much easier than the last. I had forgotten how the hard the last few weeks are. I slept uncomfortably and woke up feeling anxious. Anxious about everything that crossed my mind. The days go by slowly but the weeks seem to be slipping past me. Part of me is panicking and the other part is shaking with excitement. There is nothing I can do to stop it or speed it up.  I am grasping at any part I can control.

For now, my focus is on Penny. All too soon, she will have to share my attention with a little sister. Next month we are going to take mommy and me swim lessons one last time. When she is in bed, I break out all of my sewing and crocheting projects and picture how our life will change when our family grows.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Walks and Carmel Apples

Sick of the Halloween posts yet?  This is the last one, I promise!  I think Halloween is such a fun holiday.  I love being able to share the fun with Penny!  I look forward to all the years to come when Penny (and little sister) can carve pumpkins and wear coordinating costumes!

We kept things pretty simple this year.  Yesterday I decided I wanted to make carmel apples.  Since it was Halloween, I was worried that going to the store was going to be a huge mistake, but there were no lines and they had everything I needed!  It was a Halloween Miracle! The last time I made carmel apples I couldn't find popsicle sticks and ended up using giant craft sticks which looked pretty silly.   This time I decided to try a pinterest pin and use twigs for the sticks.  Penny and I went for a little walk to find some good sticks.  

 The finished product:
I finished making the apples right before dinner.  Penny wanted nothing more than to get her hands on them.  She threw a pretty impressive tantrum when she didn't get her way.  After dinner, we sliced up one and shared it.  Penny was in heaven!

Trick or Treat

Last night's trick or treating was much more enjoyable for Penny than our first attempt.  From now on, Penny is going to expect to get candy when she knocks on someone's door!  
Penny got a little distracted by the Halloween decorations, especially Jack O' Lanterns and I think she was a little confused that we never got to go inside any of the houses!  The house's with little dogs were especially hard to ignore!
We only went to a dozen houses but Penny still managed to get more candy than she can eat.  I think I might have to help her out :)
She got to have one piece before bed--a little dum-dum--while we watched a few minutes of Hocus Pocus. 
Next year, Penny is going to be a little trick or treating pro!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Little Wind-up Doll

This year Penny was just old enough to for the ward trunk or treat activity.  Unfortunately, it was too close to bedtime, so our little doll was impatient and a grumpy.  She never quite figured the whole trick or treating thing out but we still have tonight to try again!  
Penny loved her little pumpkin bucket!  She has been carrying it around the house and filling it with toys, leaves, sticks, and trash.  I am excited to take her out again tonight on her time schedule so she will be able to enjoy it more.  But it's really more for me at this age! In a few years, once she understands what is going on better, I am sure she will come to love Halloween as much as I do!  It will be nice to have an ally in the house since Andrew doesn't care for it.  Hopefully, Penny and her little sister will convince Andrew to dress up next year!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Ducks and Donuts

One of our favorite family outings is a trip to the park with a box of yummy donuts.  Andrew goes for a run while Penny and I play at the park and then we meet back up and hang out with the ducks.  This time we remembered to bring some bread.  Penny seemed to think that the bread was a snack for her.  She ate all the bread we gave her to throw to the ducks and kept trying to pick up and eat the pieces Andrew threw.

Bread for the ducks and donuts for us!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cherry Tomatoes

Penny has loved picking and eating the cherry tomatoes from our garden.  She wasn't always such a big fan but the fun of picking tomatoes helped change her mind.  Now she loves them!  She will even eat big tomatoes like an apple.  

First Pigtails

When Andrew came home and saw Penny's pigtails he said, "What did you do to my baby??"  For him, the pigtails make Penny look older.  For me, I just think she looks adorable! 

Meanwhile, this is what I get for taking Penny outside for pictures while she is wearing new cream-colored jeans: 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Discovery Gateway Child's Museum

My good friend, Melissa, let Penny and I use her guest passes for the Discovery Gateway Museum.  Melissa has a son, Britain, who is a few months older than Penny and the two of them play very nicely together (and by together I mean side by side--they are still haven't figured out how to play with each other)  At the museum, Britain tended to jump from activity to activity and Penny preferred to spend a lot of time on one thing, so they didn't play with each or rather by each other much.  I have heard thats a pretty common difference between girls and boys at this age.

It was really fun to watch Penny get excited about all the fun things to do.  They have a cute little farm that leads to a store which leads to a house.  As well as, a construction site and a water play area.  The water caught Penny's eye right off the bat, so she spend a long time there before checking out anything else, and only after I dragged her away and showed her the rest of the museum.  Does that make me a mean mom? I tried not to get in Penny's way and let her choose what she wanted to do, but I was so excited about all the cool exhibits! She is still too young to get into imaginary play but she loved the freedom to explore a new fun place without being told "no" so I did my best not to micromanage her play.  Overall, I think it was the best playdate Penny has every had!

Here is a little video of Penny's favorite parts of the museum:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Squeaky Clean

I have a slight obsession with bath time.  Penny has yet to have a bath without me whipping out my phone or camera to take pictures.  I would have thought that after a year of this I would be satisfied, but I can't help it.

Plus, nothing smells better than a clean baby!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

At the end of the month my Dad turns 50!  For his birthday, my mom rented a cabin by Bear Lake and we spent Labor Day weekend lounging on the beach and riding the jet skis.  I lounged, everyone else enjoyed the jet skis.  The only downside was the drive.  I got very carsick and Penny cried for over an hour.  

Penny hated the sand at first, but thankfully she warmed up to it.  She loved collecting little shells and wading in the water.
 This is as close as Penny got to riding the jet skis.
 My grandpa owns some beach front property and we had the beach all to ourselves, so Penny got to run around naked before we rinsed her off.
 And just for laughs, Andrew forgot his church pants so he had to go to church like this:
Happy 50th Dad!  We love you!