Monday, April 1, 2013

A Few New Tricks

I wish I had an in-house photographer to catch all of Penny's "firsts" and cute little expressions.  My photography skills are seriously lacking and it doesn't help that I use my phone as my main camera.  So please be forgiving of all the blurry iphone photos on my blog.  If I didn't use these photos I would never update my blog.

Ever since Penny finally mastered pulling up on the bars of her crib, she has been hard at work finding new places to stand. 
So far she has found:
Then the wall
The fireplace (which terrified me! I thought for sure she would slip and split her chin open)
And my personal favorite: 
Penny climbed into the laundry basket.  It was almost nap time so she tried to make herself comfortable. She sucks on her pointer fingers when she is tired or upset. She became pretty upset a few moments later when she couldn't get out of the basket.
In other Penny news, Penny said her first word!!  "Bye-bye" I am constantly coaxing her to wave and repeat "bye-bye" dozens of times and one of those times Penny repeated me and said, "bye-bye!"  I wish Andrew could have been there to hear her! 

Penny's first birthday is coming up in less than 2 months.  How did that happen so quickly??


  1. She is so cute! It does go by so fast, but you seem like you do a great job enjoying all the small stuff that come with it. Hopefully one of these days I get to meet Penny in person!

  2. I LOVE your pictures! you are awesome at getting her facial expressions!! All of addies pictures have the same expression pretty much. I love penny's "diaper bum" it's so cute!!