Thursday, April 4, 2013

Penny and the Kitty

Penny And The Kitty from Lindsay Himmer on Vimeo.

Penny loves the cat at Grandma's house (named Business).  She tries to chase him but he is much too fast so she loves it when we help her catch and pet him.  Penny has such a cute little nervous laugh whenever she sees and pets the kitty.  We are trying to teach Penny to be soft and nice to Business and other animals.  If we would let her, Penny would terrorize that poor cat.  Aunt Sydney is holding Penny's leg in this video so she can't kick the kitty.  Thankfully, Business doesn't seem to mind when Penny is a little rough and has been nothing but gentle with her.


  1. That is too cute. I love her little outfit in the last two pictures. I wish I was that styling. Will you come dress me? :)

  2. Thanks Keri! I wish I was as styling too! Penny can pull things off better than me. I have a bit of a baby gap problem. I can usually say no when things are full price but the second there is a good sale going on I lose all control!