Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sidewalk Chalk

During church last Sunday, Penny wandered over to her friend Britain's pew before I could stop her and got herself adopted into his family for the remainder of the meeting.  Britain's mom brings much more interesting toys to play with.  Among these, was a coloring book and crayons.  Penny loves to color, so I don't know why I never thought to bring crayons to church.  She sat quietly and colored for a large portion of the meeting.  Since then, we have been doing a lot more coloring.  Today it was with chalk.
We both had fun drawing pictures, but once I brought out my camera she just wanted to poke the lens.
But it allowed me to catch a few cute close ups:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gateway Olympic Fountain

Over a month ago, I had an idea for a fun family night.  I shared the idea with Andrew, which he agreed sounded fun, but then put it off and made excuses.  Finally, he committed and tonight after Andrew's work, we met up at Gateway.

My plan had three parts.  First, dinner at the food court, which might not sound too amazing, but this pregnancy I have had constant cravings for Hotdog on a Stick, so this was the part of the night for me.  

Second, I discovered there was a shaved ice shack that served authentic Hawaiian shaved ice, complete with ice cream in the middle and sweetened condensed milk on top.  This shop is what got me excited about this family night, not because I love shaved ice, I'm not a huge fan, but because I have heard Andrew talk about how wonderful Hawaiian shaved ice is for years.  Last year, when we took a trip to Hawaii, we got shaved ice just about everyday.  I was so excited to take Andrew here and give him a little taste of Hawaii and reminisce about our trip.  When we got to the window to order, I ordered and Andrew hesitated.  He couldn't remember the "amazing flavor combination" he would get in Hawaii so he decided to skip it all together.  It might just be the pregnancy hormones, but I was a little hurt that he wasn't excited about my surprise for him.  I thought I was going to be his hero!

The third part of the night mostly made up for my disappointment.  We sat and watched the Olympic Fountain with choreographed jets of water to music.  Penny was fascinated by it! She didn't dare get close to the water, but she would point and clap at the water.
Before leaving, I tried to get Andrew and Penny to sit by a fountain so I could get a picture.  I should have known I was pushing my luck.  When Andrew would look at the camera and smile, Penny was mad, then when Penny would face the camera and Andrew would look away or frown. 
In the end Penny was in tears because she wasn't able to get in the fountain, and Andrew wandered off with her.  Am I crazy to keep trying to capture one nice father/daughter picture?  At least on the part of a one-year old I can understand...
I think the moral of tonight's FHE was: it is important to be patient and kind when things don't go the way you planned.  I still have a lot of work to do in that department.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Seven Canyons

Grandma, Baba, and Uncle Sam came into town last week.  Richard (known as Baba by his granddaughters) was asked to teach at Education Week at BYU so we weren't able to see as much of them as we would have liked.  Yesterday, we went to Liberty Park and played in the Seven Canyons Fountain, which is a water park with little streams and waterfalls.

In the past Penny only played in the little streams but since we had a few extra hands we let her explore the waterfalls.  
 Penny can get pretty bossy but Baba was a good sport!
I was able to take quite a lot of pictures since Penny was bossing Baba around instead of me.  I had a hard time narrowing them down.  All the pictures can be found here (including every out of focus and poorly exposed picture since I can't bare to delete them).  

Friday, August 23, 2013

My Toddler

This morning, I watched as Penny read herself a book, drew a picture, and used drumsticks to bang on her drum. All at once, my little baby didn't seem so little.  She's not a baby anymore. Her comprehension improves by the hour and she is getting better at expressing herself. She walks and says a few words. She has her own likes and opinions. She can wave and give kisses. It's slowing hitting me that Penny is her own little person.
In most of the pictures and home movies of me at this age, I am in overalls.  I used to complain as we watching home movies that I never wore anything else.  Penny's overalls were the first clothing I picked out for her. I purposely bought them in a 12 month size so they would fit when she started walking.  She wears them entirely too often, simply because it makes me smile to watch her toddling around in them. If I am not careful, every home movie and picture of Penny will make it seem as though she had nothing to wear but a single pair of OshKosh overalls.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Penny's Paddling Pool

For Penny's birthday we gave her a little blow up pool to use during her party.  After the party I packed it up with good intentions to use it daily but until a few weeks ago it stayed in our storage room.  Finally, Penny had a little play date with her best friend from church.  The kids had a blast!  Even after her friend left she still wanted to play.

This is when she decided she had finally had enough:
And, this is what happened when I waited too long to get her out because I was too busy snapping pictures:
Summer isn't over yet! Anyone else want to come swim with Penny?

Friday, August 16, 2013


I can always count on bath time.  Bath time instantly turns Grumpy Penny into Happy Penny, and it works the equally well for this mom :)  I always grab a book to read while she plays but I rarely open it.  Instead, I enjoy watching her splash and play, as well as taking an obnoxious amount of pictures.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Flying with a Toddler

This post is mostly a reminder to Andrew and me to think long and hard about traveling again.  I can't even imagine how people can travel with more than one kid! Heather and Charles, if you even read this, I totally get why you both keep saying that you are done traveling and want people to come visit you instead! The last time we were on a plane with Penny she was a very angelic three month old that happily slept through most of the trip or sat quietly on laps.  She is still our little angel baby, but like most toddlers, she physically cannot sit still.

The trip started with Penny like this:
And quickly melted into this:
Then there were lots and lots and lots of tears. The screaming was on and off until the "seatbelt" sign went back on as they were preparing for landing, meaning we still had about a half hour to go.  If we could had we would have taken her for a little walk up and down the aisle but this was no longer and option.  Nothing calmed her down.  Then by some miracle (literally a miracle) she fell asleep in my arms.  It has been almost a year since Penny would fall asleep on us, she will just resist sleep until she is left alone and laying down.  
I had to take a picture of this moment because it is so rare.  Please excuse my weird face, I didn't want to draw attention to the fact that I was taking a picture.  As silly as it sounds, this was the highlight of my trip.  I have really missed cuddling my sleeping baby.  
On the way home, we had an early flight.  Penny is not an early riser and she did not appreciate being woken up at 5:30 am.  We had decided to fly on a discount airline to save a little money, and suddenly, this seemed like a really bad idea.  I assumed the flight would be packed, their weight limit for checked bags was 40 pounds instead of 50, which we found out the night before and then frantically tried to find a place in our backpacks for the extra 10 pounds.  I could go on, but I will spare you.  In the end, the flight had a bunch of empty rows at the end of the plane so Penny got her own seat (wish we had known before we gate checked her carseat)! All of our prayers were answered again on this flight, shortly after take off Penny quietly curled into me and fell asleep. 
The stuff around her mouth is a chocolate granola bar we distracted her with as we were boarding.  See that empty row next to us??  I am still a little annoyed they told us the flight was completely booked and we couldn't bring our carseat...

Now that I have written that all out, it doesn't sound as bad as it felt at the time.  I think the worry and stress of traveling is often worse than the actual traveling.  Penny is normally such a perfect, happy kid that we are pretty ill equipped when she is not.  Maybe this trip was just to help train us for how crazy our life is going to get when Penny's little sister joins our family.