Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gateway Olympic Fountain

Over a month ago, I had an idea for a fun family night.  I shared the idea with Andrew, which he agreed sounded fun, but then put it off and made excuses.  Finally, he committed and tonight after Andrew's work, we met up at Gateway.

My plan had three parts.  First, dinner at the food court, which might not sound too amazing, but this pregnancy I have had constant cravings for Hotdog on a Stick, so this was the part of the night for me.  

Second, I discovered there was a shaved ice shack that served authentic Hawaiian shaved ice, complete with ice cream in the middle and sweetened condensed milk on top.  This shop is what got me excited about this family night, not because I love shaved ice, I'm not a huge fan, but because I have heard Andrew talk about how wonderful Hawaiian shaved ice is for years.  Last year, when we took a trip to Hawaii, we got shaved ice just about everyday.  I was so excited to take Andrew here and give him a little taste of Hawaii and reminisce about our trip.  When we got to the window to order, I ordered and Andrew hesitated.  He couldn't remember the "amazing flavor combination" he would get in Hawaii so he decided to skip it all together.  It might just be the pregnancy hormones, but I was a little hurt that he wasn't excited about my surprise for him.  I thought I was going to be his hero!

The third part of the night mostly made up for my disappointment.  We sat and watched the Olympic Fountain with choreographed jets of water to music.  Penny was fascinated by it! She didn't dare get close to the water, but she would point and clap at the water.
Before leaving, I tried to get Andrew and Penny to sit by a fountain so I could get a picture.  I should have known I was pushing my luck.  When Andrew would look at the camera and smile, Penny was mad, then when Penny would face the camera and Andrew would look away or frown. 
In the end Penny was in tears because she wasn't able to get in the fountain, and Andrew wandered off with her.  Am I crazy to keep trying to capture one nice father/daughter picture?  At least on the part of a one-year old I can understand...
I think the moral of tonight's FHE was: it is important to be patient and kind when things don't go the way you planned.  I still have a lot of work to do in that department.

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