Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Keri's Wedding

Warning: Picture overload!  I am so happy for my best friend, Keri! The wedding was so lovely that I had a really hard time limiting the pictures for this post.  I am so excited for Keri and McKay!  They looked so beautiful and happy!

Penny looked so cute sitting by all the flowers, but it was hard to get any pictures of her looking up since she just wanted to pick them.
 Penny's lovely Aunts (and grandparents) were also at the wedding.
 This is Keri's niece, she took her job of guarding the bride's bouquet very seriously!  Andrew kept calling her "The Little Keri" 
 Penny loved all of Keri's nieces (and cute little nephew)!
 The beautiful bride!
And the handsome groom!
Keri did her own hair!  It looked gorgeous!  As was her dress!  I got to go with her while she was picking it out, I think I loved it even more than she did! 
 I could not get enough of the cute little flower girls!  I think I took a hundred pictures of just them!
 We are "those parents" who let their kid play in all the fountains, streams, pools, and what have you.  Please forgive us for setting a really bad example for your children.
 And here Penny is crying because Andrew took her out of the water
 Kiersten posing with the bouquet 
 We actually managed to get an updated family picture!  We couldn't get Pen to smile, but getting her to at least look at the camera was a total win!
Most pictures I get of these two look exactly like this, Andrew protecting Penny and giving me a "look" for taking a million pictures.  Penny tends to have the same expression as her dad.  That's a leaf in her hand since I didn't like the idea of her picking flowers at the temple.  Thankfully the leaf successfully distracted her.
 Andrew saved Penny from her itchy dress.  The sun was in her eyes and she was getting changed, both of which normally make Penny cry, but she was so happy to be out of her dress that she calmly let us change her.
 Grandma got Penny a new dress that was much more comfortable than the one I brought.  She was a whole new kid once we took off the horrible itchy one!
Congratulations again, Keri and McKay!  We love you!

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