Friday, August 23, 2013

My Toddler

This morning, I watched as Penny read herself a book, drew a picture, and used drumsticks to bang on her drum. All at once, my little baby didn't seem so little.  She's not a baby anymore. Her comprehension improves by the hour and she is getting better at expressing herself. She walks and says a few words. She has her own likes and opinions. She can wave and give kisses. It's slowing hitting me that Penny is her own little person.
In most of the pictures and home movies of me at this age, I am in overalls.  I used to complain as we watching home movies that I never wore anything else.  Penny's overalls were the first clothing I picked out for her. I purposely bought them in a 12 month size so they would fit when she started walking.  She wears them entirely too often, simply because it makes me smile to watch her toddling around in them. If I am not careful, every home movie and picture of Penny will make it seem as though she had nothing to wear but a single pair of OshKosh overalls.

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