Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Santa Cruiz

We couldn't go all the way to California without playing in the ocean!  The Gehlbach's, Kiersten, and my high school friends Nicole and Jessica joined us.  Beforehand, we stopped for lunch.  Penny had fallen asleep in the car and was so tired she stayed asleep when I took her out of her carseat.  My dad held her while she slept.

For breakfast we got donuts at Stan's!  Oh how I have missed Stan's!  My dad got a couple boxes to go and brought them to the beach.
 Andrew had to enjoy boogie boarding for the both of us since my pregnant belly wouldn't allow me to go.
 Andrew also tried out skim boarding
Penny decided she hated the sand (which she has previously loved) and the water was far to scary so she stayed on the safety of blankets and people's laps.
Despite sunscreen, Penny got a little sunburnt on her face
I think the whole trip left Penny pretty wiped out.
We finished off the day with burgers at In and Out.  Penny was a huge fan!  She ate so much of Andrew's burger that he had to order another one!
 Andrew typically prefers chicken instead of burgers, but he had to admit his burger was delicious!


  1. Haha... cracks me up that Penny ate Andrews burger!! So funny. She is so beautiful. You take such great pictures Lindz! I hope I can see you guys soon!

  2. The frustrating part about that experience was that it took over 15 minutes to get another burger.