Thursday, September 19, 2013

Discovery Gateway Child's Museum

My good friend, Melissa, let Penny and I use her guest passes for the Discovery Gateway Museum.  Melissa has a son, Britain, who is a few months older than Penny and the two of them play very nicely together (and by together I mean side by side--they are still haven't figured out how to play with each other)  At the museum, Britain tended to jump from activity to activity and Penny preferred to spend a lot of time on one thing, so they didn't play with each or rather by each other much.  I have heard thats a pretty common difference between girls and boys at this age.

It was really fun to watch Penny get excited about all the fun things to do.  They have a cute little farm that leads to a store which leads to a house.  As well as, a construction site and a water play area.  The water caught Penny's eye right off the bat, so she spend a long time there before checking out anything else, and only after I dragged her away and showed her the rest of the museum.  Does that make me a mean mom? I tried not to get in Penny's way and let her choose what she wanted to do, but I was so excited about all the cool exhibits! She is still too young to get into imaginary play but she loved the freedom to explore a new fun place without being told "no" so I did my best not to micromanage her play.  Overall, I think it was the best playdate Penny has every had!

Here is a little video of Penny's favorite parts of the museum:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Squeaky Clean

I have a slight obsession with bath time.  Penny has yet to have a bath without me whipping out my phone or camera to take pictures.  I would have thought that after a year of this I would be satisfied, but I can't help it.

Plus, nothing smells better than a clean baby!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

At the end of the month my Dad turns 50!  For his birthday, my mom rented a cabin by Bear Lake and we spent Labor Day weekend lounging on the beach and riding the jet skis.  I lounged, everyone else enjoyed the jet skis.  The only downside was the drive.  I got very carsick and Penny cried for over an hour.  

Penny hated the sand at first, but thankfully she warmed up to it.  She loved collecting little shells and wading in the water.
 This is as close as Penny got to riding the jet skis.
 My grandpa owns some beach front property and we had the beach all to ourselves, so Penny got to run around naked before we rinsed her off.
 And just for laughs, Andrew forgot his church pants so he had to go to church like this:
Happy 50th Dad!  We love you!