Thursday, September 19, 2013

Discovery Gateway Child's Museum

My good friend, Melissa, let Penny and I use her guest passes for the Discovery Gateway Museum.  Melissa has a son, Britain, who is a few months older than Penny and the two of them play very nicely together (and by together I mean side by side--they are still haven't figured out how to play with each other)  At the museum, Britain tended to jump from activity to activity and Penny preferred to spend a lot of time on one thing, so they didn't play with each or rather by each other much.  I have heard thats a pretty common difference between girls and boys at this age.

It was really fun to watch Penny get excited about all the fun things to do.  They have a cute little farm that leads to a store which leads to a house.  As well as, a construction site and a water play area.  The water caught Penny's eye right off the bat, so she spend a long time there before checking out anything else, and only after I dragged her away and showed her the rest of the museum.  Does that make me a mean mom? I tried not to get in Penny's way and let her choose what she wanted to do, but I was so excited about all the cool exhibits! She is still too young to get into imaginary play but she loved the freedom to explore a new fun place without being told "no" so I did my best not to micromanage her play.  Overall, I think it was the best playdate Penny has every had!

Here is a little video of Penny's favorite parts of the museum:

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