Sunday, September 8, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

At the end of the month my Dad turns 50!  For his birthday, my mom rented a cabin by Bear Lake and we spent Labor Day weekend lounging on the beach and riding the jet skis.  I lounged, everyone else enjoyed the jet skis.  The only downside was the drive.  I got very carsick and Penny cried for over an hour.  

Penny hated the sand at first, but thankfully she warmed up to it.  She loved collecting little shells and wading in the water.
 This is as close as Penny got to riding the jet skis.
 My grandpa owns some beach front property and we had the beach all to ourselves, so Penny got to run around naked before we rinsed her off.
 And just for laughs, Andrew forgot his church pants so he had to go to church like this:
Happy 50th Dad!  We love you!

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