Thursday, October 31, 2013

Little Wind-up Doll

This year Penny was just old enough to for the ward trunk or treat activity.  Unfortunately, it was too close to bedtime, so our little doll was impatient and a grumpy.  She never quite figured the whole trick or treating thing out but we still have tonight to try again!  
Penny loved her little pumpkin bucket!  She has been carrying it around the house and filling it with toys, leaves, sticks, and trash.  I am excited to take her out again tonight on her time schedule so she will be able to enjoy it more.  But it's really more for me at this age! In a few years, once she understands what is going on better, I am sure she will come to love Halloween as much as I do!  It will be nice to have an ally in the house since Andrew doesn't care for it.  Hopefully, Penny and her little sister will convince Andrew to dress up next year!

Happy Halloween!


  1. LOVE that costume. So simple and so cute. Well done!

    1. Thanks! That is exactly what I was going for :)