Saturday, January 18, 2014

Miss Eloise

On January 3rd, I woke up, showered, got dressed, did my hair and makeup, kissed Penny goodbye, and went to the hospital.  I put on a hospital gown, chatted with my parents, walked into an operating room, and came out an hour later with a smaller tummy and a perfect baby girl.

Eloise's birth was, thankfully, the complete opposite of her big sister's.  I was nervous, but this time I knew what to expect and I was prepared for it.  The worst part was getting the spinal, but even that wasn't as bad.  A planned C-section is the way to go!  Once we got into the operating room, things moved so quickly, that I hardly had time to worry.  We all took bets on how big Eloise was going to be, none of the guesses were under 8.5 pounds.  
I asked Andrew to bring my camera and document the whole thing.  He was grumpy about this because it made him feel like a tourist.  He complained a great deal, but he took some wonderful pictures.  
In this operating room, they had a spot in the corner of the room where they took the babies to be cleaned, weighed, and tested (with Penny, it was an adjoining room).  I could not see them but I was comforted by the little cries and noises Eloise was making.  I think everyone was anxious to know how much she weighed and we were all shocked to discover she only weighed 7 pounds and 5 ounces, exactly 2 pounds less than Penny.  For my family, this is a tiny baby! 
Andrew was able to bring Eloise over to me while the doctors were finishing putting me back together.  It was so nice to be well rested and able to be more present in the moment.  Eloise was soon placed in my arms as I was wheeled back into the recovery room where my parents were waiting for us.  
The rest of the day was a happy blur.  I was able to get up once my spinal wore off.  Penny and my sisters came to visit.  I was even able to eat at some point!  
It was really neat to watch Andrew with Eloise.  He was so much more confident this time around. With Penny, he panicked when I told him I was going to take a shower and he needed to watch the baby.  He told me I needed to be quick!  There was a whole hospital full of people a button's push away!  This time, he was excited to take over my hospital bed and happily snuggled Eloise while I showered.
The hardest day of C-section recovery is the second one.  That's when the morphine had worn off and my stomach began to ache.  Thankfully, it is such a relief to not be pregnant anymore and it's such a joy to finally get to hold that precious little baby, that the pain is bearable! 
Now, suddenly, I am home and Eloise is two weeks old.  I know it's only going to keep flying by.  I am still recovering, but I no longer need my pain medicines! This week was my first time being left at home with both of my girls.  We have had some great moments and some hard both-girls-are-crying-the-floor-is-covered-in-yogurt-and-the-plumber-just-rang-the-doorbell moments.  Penny is sad that I cannot pick her up for the next few weeks. She is also excited every time she notices Eloise and covers her with kisses.  Hopefully we will all find our new normal soon.  For now, I am loving having a tiny baby to snuggle all day long!

Eloise's First Visitors

Aunt Stephanie
 Aunt Sydney
Aunt Taylor 
Great Grandpa
Great Grandma (The Great One)
Mom and Dad's friend: Corinne Baker
 Aunt Susan and cousin Amy Maynard
Mom's friend and college roommate, Andrea McClaine and her boyfriend Matt Harris

Eloise, you are loved by so many people!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Penny Meets Eloise

As soon as Penny woke up from her afternoon nap, Aunt Stephanie, brought her to the hospital to meet her little sister.  I had Andrew take Eloise to the nursery so I could spend a few minutes alone with Penny. This is something all the books and blogs I read in preparation for two kids told me to do so that Penny wouldn't feel replaced by the new baby.  In hindsight, it probably was not necessary.  I think Penny is too little to feel replaced and she had just seen me that morning, one of the perks of having a C-Section!  I hadn't been away for very long at this point.

Meanwhile, Eloise was in the nursery where the nurses took some vitals and got her little footprints.

My sisters had not seen Eloise yet so they stood my the nursery window and a nurse kindly held her up so they could catch a glimpse.
Andrew brought her back and Penny got her first peek at Eloise.
We have been talking a lot about babies lately, so Penny was pretty excited to see a real baby up close.  She gave Eloise a few kisses.
And admired her hat.
Then Penny found her mouth and kept poking at it saying, "MOUTH! MOUTH!"
Then she just observed.
And suddenly, we became a family of four!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Day

I have not been this excited for Christmas since I was a little kid.  In fact, I think Christmas gets more fun when you are a parent!  Andrew and I had already given our Christmas present to each other (an iMac) so Christmas in a gift sense was mostly over for us, although we still got spoiled by our families!  But no one got spoiled like Penny.  I could hardly sleep on Christmas Eve. In the morning, everyone was up and ready to open presents except for Penny.  The silly girl slept in and we were considering waking her up when she finally began to stir.

Naturally, she went right for the pile of toys belonging to the cat.

She thought her stuff was pretty neat too, once she finally stopped playing with the cat's stuff.
Aunt Stephanie gave Penny a unicorn pillow pet to match her own
Penny got really into the unwrapping and helped everyone with their presents. She also felt a need to clean up the wrapping paper (I wonder who she gets that from...)
A little while into the morning Penny started to get a little overwhelmed by everything and had a to take a break.  She calmed down after we picked up trash and organized the piles of presents so she could get actually walk through the family room.
This year, it was Andrew who had to sneak in a few extra presents for Penny.  He was very excited to introduce her to two of his favorite things: a boat for the bath tub (or in this case, a submarine) and his favorite children's book The Sailor Dog.