Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Day

I have not been this excited for Christmas since I was a little kid.  In fact, I think Christmas gets more fun when you are a parent!  Andrew and I had already given our Christmas present to each other (an iMac) so Christmas in a gift sense was mostly over for us, although we still got spoiled by our families!  But no one got spoiled like Penny.  I could hardly sleep on Christmas Eve. In the morning, everyone was up and ready to open presents except for Penny.  The silly girl slept in and we were considering waking her up when she finally began to stir.

Naturally, she went right for the pile of toys belonging to the cat.

She thought her stuff was pretty neat too, once she finally stopped playing with the cat's stuff.
Aunt Stephanie gave Penny a unicorn pillow pet to match her own
Penny got really into the unwrapping and helped everyone with their presents. She also felt a need to clean up the wrapping paper (I wonder who she gets that from...)
A little while into the morning Penny started to get a little overwhelmed by everything and had a to take a break.  She calmed down after we picked up trash and organized the piles of presents so she could get actually walk through the family room.
This year, it was Andrew who had to sneak in a few extra presents for Penny.  He was very excited to introduce her to two of his favorite things: a boat for the bath tub (or in this case, a submarine) and his favorite children's book The Sailor Dog.  

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