Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Love You Mom

When I became a mother a year and half ago, my mom became a grandmother.  No one loves your babies like their grandma. It makes me so happy to see my mother love and enjoy my girls as much as I do. My mom is so gentle and patient with them.  I have thought a lot lately about how much I  enjoyed visiting my grandmas' houses as a little girl. Yesterday I stumbled upon a cassette tape that my "Kitty Grandma" sent to me and my sisters. She recorded herself reading books to us and send the tape along with the books so even though we lived far away she could still read to us. My "Doggy Grandma" never let me win at cards! I credit my love of a competitive game of cards to her tutelage.  As well as a love for the game of Yatzee, which most people refuse to play with me!

These last few weeks since having Eloise, I have really needed my mom.  She has been at my house countless hours whenever I have asked. I cannot express how grateful I am for this. It has taken me a lot longer to heal from this C-section. My two girls have kept me very busy with little downtime to rest during the day. My first week home my mom came over everyday and helped. She drove me to doctors appointments, watched my girls so I could take a nap and let me chat her ear off.  

The morning of Eloise's birth, we found out that Andrew's grandmother had passed away.  A few hours later Eloise was born. The funeral was the following weekend. I thought about trying to go but decided that I was not healed enough yet and Eloise was too little to be around so many people. I urged Andrew to go without me and in the end he went to Washington with Penny.  My mother lovingly agreed to spend the weekend with me. I can't remember the last time I was so well taken care of. On top of keeping my house in order and my belly full of yummy food, she got up with Eloise in the night and walked and rocked her so I could sleep. 

A few days ago my mom came over again with Valentine's Day goodies for us and and the girl. She got Penny and Eloise cute Minnie Mouse dolls. She asked me for a picture of the girls with them, so mom, these are for you!

Mom, I love you so much.  Thank you for being so selfless. 

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