Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yesterday's Outtakes

Yesterday I posted some pictures of the girls with their Minnie dolls.  I had quite a struggle getting them and two dolls in the frame at the same time.  I also wanted to get a few cute picture of Penny and Eloise together. 

As I was trying to get them set up on the chair, I caught this lovely sister moment with my phone:
Penny had no intention of sitting and holding Eloise:
I tried to bribe Penny with fruit snacks but that didn't work and so I resorted to this:
Little Bear was playing on my phone and while holding it up with one had and holding the camera with the other I was able to get Penny to sit still and sort of look in my direction:
Penny did look away long enough to help Eloise replace her binky. The binky that she ripped out in the first place and then proclaimed "oh no!"
In this one, I had set down the phone next to Penny on the couch for a minute. Penny was trying to watch the show and replace the binky.  She kept looking back and forth between Eloise and Little Bear:
But it's pictures like this one that make the struggle all worth it:
Penny kissed Eloise then rested her head on her chest. She is very affectionate towards her little sister, but it is rare that I can get a good picture of it. I can't always pull out my camera but that's probably a good thing. The pictures are nice to have but sometimes a camera can get in the way.


  1. Cute, cute! Your girls are adorable.

  2. Oh I love these! So adorable! My favorite is when penny is trying to watch her show and replace the binki! Made me giggle. :) your little babes are darling and you are doing a great job as a mama of two!

  3. I totally agree that cameras can get in the way some times!