Thursday, March 6, 2014

Eloise: 2 Months

These last two months have been a happy blur! I wish time would move as slow as it did when I was pregnant.

Eloise is particular. When I listen to her cues, she is a perfect little angel, but when I get distracted (which is often with a toddler) then she turns into quite a bossy little thing.  If I don't put her down for a nap or bed right when she needs to be, then those little eyes get wide and she takes a long time to settle back down and go to sleep.

Eloise is determined. When she is in your arms, she lets you know how she wants to be held.  She wants her head to be turned a certain direction (usually to the left) and she often struggles against you until she is cradled (parallel to the ground).

Eloise is strong. She is quite skilled at pushing up on her arms and lifting up her big head so she can look around.  When she was four weeks old she was laying on her tummy and was not happy about it. I was about to pick her up when she quite deliberately rolled herself onto her back (at least it seemed deliberate to us, she hasn't done this since).

Eloise is happy. She gives me the most beautiful smiles and make cute little noises. We are pretty happy too!

Little girls are the best!

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