Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter in Texas

The Easter bunny left these baskets for the girls. He was kind enough to slip in some extra goodies for me :)

Little Louisa got a new elephant teether and they both got a stuffed animal and chocolate to share with me. Penny's favorite part was Minnie Mouse stickers and bubbles.
Eloise found and clutched the handle of her basket.  Do you think she is starting to learn she needs to claim her stuff or her big sister is going to steal it?
A few days ago we met up with Charles, Heather, and their girls to take bluebonnet pictures.  Penny and Eloise wore their Easter dresses and Heather got some great pictures!
We are so lucky to live so close to the cousins! 
 We finished off our Easter celebrations by watching this video about a dozen times and using my new pot (thanks Mom and Dad!) to make this roast:
It was easily the best roast I have ever made. Ham is the traditional choice, but I am not a fan so I choose something much more delicious. It was devoured in minutes!