Monday, May 26, 2014

Swimming with the Aunties

We all enjoyed a nice lazy day by the pool with my family was visiting!

The Alamo

My parents and sisters all came to visit us in Texas for Penny's birthday. While Andrew was at work, we took a fun day trip to San Antonio to see the Alamo.

 Penny loved the fish in the gardens
 Eloise and I had to get a picture together by a cannon for Andrew since he couldn't come.

Penny's Party

My parents flew down for Penny's birthday, and my sisters each bought their own plane tickets so they could come too. Penny is so very loved!
 My parents got Penny this adorable little table and tea set. It was a huge, instant hit!
Shoes were also a big hit. She got one pair from me and two amazing pairs from her Aunt Heather, Uncle Charles and their girls.
 Grandpa made Penny a bear shaped pancake. She loved it! She kissed him and then got upset when Grandma broke off an ear for her eat.
After church we had a big family party. All of her cousins came over as well and we had a big pasta dinner (Penny's favorite food). We opened presents and had cake and ice cream. 
 We video chatted with Andrew's family while Penny finished opening presents
Happy Birthday Pen!

Penny Turns Two

The little girl that made me a mom is already two! Penny is still my little angel baby. She is a great little helper, a nice big sister, and a joy to be around. She has a cute little voice with a constantly growing vocabulary. My favorite thing she says is, "Momma." She will call my name as she searches for me around the house and sometime, often in the car, she will say my name over and over just to hear me reply, "Yes, Penny?" 

Like all little kids right now, she is in love with all things Frozen. The soundtrack is on constant repeat in the car and Penny loves to dance and sing to the music. Her love for frozen is second only to her doll Mimi. Penny loves to rock her doll and put her to sleep.  The other day I found Penny trying to put one of her diapers on Mimi.

I am loving this stage of toddlerhood. It's so satisfying to understand what Penny says and wants. I love that Penny will sit down and listen to me read book after book to her or spend a few quiet minutes putting a puzzle together. I love her little laugh and her infectious smiles. 

I love you my dear Penny! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Eloise: 4 Months

At four months, Miss Eloise is selectively cuddly and quietly observant. She enjoys being around people and has a hard time sleeping if too much is going on. Nighttime sleep continues to be a bit of a struggle.  Just when I think we are over the worst of it, she regresses. It's hard to stay frustrated when she is all smiles in the morning.

Eloise loves taking baths. She is going to love swimming in a few months. Penny and Eloise are just getting to the point where they can take baths together. It will get more fun when Eloise can sit up and play. For now, she enjoys kicking and Penny helps wash her hair and her tummy.

Penny loves to help take care of Eloise and mimics me when she plays with her dolls. When Eloise wakes up from her naps Penny likes to run in first and climb into her crib and take care of her until I get in there. It's really adorable, except for when Penny goes in before Eloise is awake and wakes her up.

Andrew and I agree that Eloise resembles Penny at that age. I went through some pictures of Penny to find one where she is about 4 months and found this:
If it weren't for the distinct difference in photo quality (all I had at the time for a camera was an iphone) I would have a hard time telling them apart. They could just about be twins! I think the only difference is Eloise has chubbier cheeks. I also found this picture of Penny wearing the same dress and headband as Eloise (Penny's expression cracks me up!):
And just to make things more confusing, here is another picture of Eloise.