Monday, May 26, 2014

Penny Turns Two

The little girl that made me a mom is already two! Penny is still my little angel baby. She is a great little helper, a nice big sister, and a joy to be around. She has a cute little voice with a constantly growing vocabulary. My favorite thing she says is, "Momma." She will call my name as she searches for me around the house and sometime, often in the car, she will say my name over and over just to hear me reply, "Yes, Penny?" 

Like all little kids right now, she is in love with all things Frozen. The soundtrack is on constant repeat in the car and Penny loves to dance and sing to the music. Her love for frozen is second only to her doll Mimi. Penny loves to rock her doll and put her to sleep.  The other day I found Penny trying to put one of her diapers on Mimi.

I am loving this stage of toddlerhood. It's so satisfying to understand what Penny says and wants. I love that Penny will sit down and listen to me read book after book to her or spend a few quiet minutes putting a puzzle together. I love her little laugh and her infectious smiles. 

I love you my dear Penny! 

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  1. These are all too cute. I can't believe you're mom of a two year old! Sigh...what fun!