Monday, May 26, 2014

Penny's Party

My parents flew down for Penny's birthday, and my sisters each bought their own plane tickets so they could come too. Penny is so very loved!
 My parents got Penny this adorable little table and tea set. It was a huge, instant hit!
Shoes were also a big hit. She got one pair from me and two amazing pairs from her Aunt Heather, Uncle Charles and their girls.
 Grandpa made Penny a bear shaped pancake. She loved it! She kissed him and then got upset when Grandma broke off an ear for her eat.
After church we had a big family party. All of her cousins came over as well and we had a big pasta dinner (Penny's favorite food). We opened presents and had cake and ice cream. 
 We video chatted with Andrew's family while Penny finished opening presents
Happy Birthday Pen!

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