Thursday, July 10, 2014

Eloise: 6 Months

Here are 6 things about our littlest girl:

1. Last month Eloise learned to army crawl. She has gotten to the point where she can get herself where ever she wants to go. Her crawl is slow but she can be quite determined. 

2. I took her and Penny to visit my parents and attend the annual Harris family reunion. Eloise amazed me with her good nature and flexibility. She doesn't always get enough credit for that. 

3. She has struggled with nighttime sleep but recently things have started to get a little better. Naps are the new struggle. Eloise has been using truewomb swaddles since she was a few weeks old, and she has started to outgrow them. The company that makes them seems to have gone out of business so I cannot get her a bigger size. The past few days have been really rough as I have tried to put her down for naps in a sleep sack instead. She cries and cries for her swaddle and I go in and comfort her every so often and sometimes she falls asleep for a little while. This is the closest to sleep training I have ever done and it's terrible! 

4. Eloise has tried a few foods, but she would rather just nurse. It seems to be a recurring pattern with her. She prefers familiar things!

5. I think Miss Eloise might be a redhead like her Dad!

6. She loves to smile with her mouth wide open! I think she likes to keep her mouth open as often as possible so she doesn't miss out on finding something to suck and gnaw on!

Happy half birthday Eloise! How did that come so quickly??