Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Texas Summers

Whenever we have an evening free from Crossfit or church callings, we run over to our neighborhood pool. I am happy to report that my girls love swimming as much as I do! Sometimes Eloise keeps watch over our stuff while we swim but as its gotten warmer, she has started joining us in the pool. I found out about this somewhat controversial pool floatie for babies from this blog post and once I got over my shock I decided to buy one for Eloise. She loves it. It looks a little strange, but Eloise loves the mobility it gives her and from what I can tell she is perfectly comfortable in it. It gets a lot of attention when we go to the pool!

My biggest concern about moving to Texas was the summers. So far, it hasn't been as bad as I expected. My electric bill is pretty high from all the air conditioning (worth EVERY penny) but at least I can be comfortable. All of the swimming is turning me into a big fan of Texas summers! 


  1. I'm loving all the pictures. Did you get a new lens? Looks like Texas is treating you well. That makes me happy.

  2. Thanks! I did get a new lens! A coming home present from Andrew. Although, every picture on this post is from my iPhone.