Monday, August 25, 2014

I Can't Forget Penny!

Normally, first children have all the pictures and videos and the subsequent children have less and less. That is not the case for my girls. Eloise definitely takes the cake. But let's be honest, both have had a staggering amount of pictures and videos taken of them. Yet, I still feel bad that I never did monthly updates for Penny. And I sometimes feel guilty that I have more pictures of Eloise and have been a much better blogger for her first year than I was with Penny. 
I bought a baby book for Penny, but never finished it, and I have given myself permission to call blogging enough. If I keep up the blogging, my girls might even be annoyed that I share so much of their lives on the internet... I guess its a good thing that just a handful of family and friends read this blog!
So Miss Penny, when you are older and look back at this blog, I hope you aren't too upset with me for neglecting to take monthly photos of you! I could probably find a picture from each month of your life if you are really hurting, and if Instagram is still a thing, there are plenty of pictures there! 

Eloise: 8 Months

I am writing Eloise's monthly update a week early (instead of my normal week or two late) since she has finally mastered sitting up!! Which means I can take sitting pictures! She has been crawling for months, but couldn't/refused to sit unassisted. I suspect it might be because she's not interested in staying put. She does laps around the living room and can crawl from one end of the house to the other in a matter of minutes.
Then one day last week, it just clicked, and she can sit! She would still rather be moving but since she doesn't know how to go from sitting to crawling, so she just squawks until someone helps her!
One of my greatest desires, is to get a good picture of Penny and Eloise together. But that seems to be an impossible dream. This is as close as I got:
Penny didn't like my suggestion that Eloise sit in her lap or next to her, she had her own ideas. Andrew likes to help by saving the babies from photo shoots:
But, he did help get some great smiles from Eloise when he played "horsey" with Penny:
I tried really hard to narrow down the amount of pictures in this post, but I could help myself! I love them all too much!
Miss Eloise, you are just too cute! I can't handle it!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

From the Mouth of Penny

Andrew and I constantly ask each other, "Did you know Penny says _____ now?" or "Did you teach Penny to say _____? " She talks a lot, although most of the things she says are probably only recognizable Andrew and me. Here are some of the our favorite things she say:

"Oh no Penny!!" - This is usually said after she does something a little naughty that she knows she should do (like make a mess). She will act surprised about the mess or naughty thing she just did, almost like she's passing the blame on someone else. She will probably learn that this works a lot better when you don't use your own name.

"No, No, Eloise! That's MINE!" or "My turn!" - Eloise is pretty mobile now, so she has started getting into Penny's things, and Penny is not happy about it. She can scold Eloise like a pro, pointed finger and all. And "my turn" is pretty much code for, "I want what you have, give it to me now".

"What's your name?" - I have been trying to teach Penny how to respond to this question, but whenever you ask her she just smiles sweetly and nods. Instead, she has taken to asking Andrew and me this question over and over and over again.

"Dubba-lu" ("W") - Penny is learning to recognize letters and likes to try and sing the ABC song. Her favorite letter is "W" and her pronunciation makes it the most adorable thing she says.

"I got chu" (I got you) - I started saying this to Penny to reassure her in the swimming pool that I wasn't going to let go. Now she says this anytime she wants me to hold her. She says it in her sweetest little reassuring voice that is very hard to resist.

"Oh! Baby! Go help her!" - Penny used to go rush in Eloise's room when she would wake up from her nap. She would climb into her crib and give her a binky. Now she just tells me to go.

And the best one of all:

"I love you, Momma" - I love you's are usually reserved for her kitty, but every now and then I get one. And it makes my day!

Little Cinderella

Costco had racks of Disney costumes a few weeks ago and Andrew and I let Penny get one. I wanted her input so I held up a few different princess dresses to see which one she liked best. Penny didn't care which one we got, as long as she got to put in on right that second. She started taking off her clothes right then and there. In the middle of Costco on a crowded Saturday. So naturally, she burst into tears when I told her she had to wait and I helped get her arms back in her sleeves. When she finally got to try the Cinderella dress on, she was thrilled! She kept saying it was "ritddy" (that's Penny for pretty). For the first time ever, she wanted to pose for pictures. So we went outside and she twirled and posed for me and it was the greatest thing that ever happened to us.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Baba, Grandma, and Sam Visit

Andrew took the week off to enjoy his parents visit (and for our little getaway). We swam, played frisbee golf, watched home movies, played games, and had a blast! Penny had such a good time, she wouldn't stop playing to give me a hug when Andrew and I got back from our little trip. It seems, she hardly noticed we were gone! Since they left, Penny has asked me multiple times about Baba, Grandma, and Sam. She says their names over and over again and looks around hopefully. She wants them to come back to Texas!
Sam convinced me to try out the slides at our pool. He also got his parents to join in!
 Here's Grandma's splash:
The last night they were here, we got a babysitter for the girls (for the first time!) and had a game night at Charles and Heather's house. After all the fun, it was hard to watch Andrew leave for work on Monday. I can't remember the last time Andrew had a week with no work or school!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Eloise: 7 Months

Eloise is a very social little thing. If stuff is going on, Eloise wants to be right in the middle of it. I think she gets that from me. We also share a love of food. Eloise turns her nose up at bland baby cereal, she wants the good stuff! Whatever we have, Eloise has too. Her favorites include, strawberries, peaches, eggs, bread, bell peppers, applesauce, chicken, cheese, and bananas. She is more adventurous in trying new foods than Penny. Eloise has helped motivate Penny by example to try new things. For example, Penny started to eat broccoli after seeing Eloise happily munching on it.
Whenever Andrew and I need to divide and conquer, Andrew teams up with Penny and I with Eloise. It seems natural since Eloise needs me to nurse her but as Eloise is getting older, Andrew is able to help more and more. Today I put Penny to bed while Andrew got Eloise bathed and dressed. I could hear the two of them laughing and playing and enjoying each others company. Andrew and Eloise are quite a cute pair!
Eloise continues to get more and more mobile. She is a fast army crawler and has started to push up onto all fours and rock back and forth. She is also pretty good at planking.
Being a mom of two is much harder than I expected. Subconsciously, I thought Eloise would behave just like Penny and that we were already experts at this parenting thing. I was very wrong. Eloise is not Penny. She is her own little person! And I love her for it! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Squeaky Clean

Normally, Eloise bathes in the bathtub, but sometimes she gets a quick bath in the kitchen sink.
Babies are much cuter than dishes!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Anniversary in Austin

Andrew and I left the girls with Andrew's parents and headed downtown to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary. We rented kayaks and paddled around the Colorado River before checking into our hotel. Our hotel had a indoor and outdoor pool that was connected. (I didn't have a chance to get a picture but I found this picture on their website)
 I took my time getting dressed up for dinner, which slightly annoyed Andrew. He was hungry and didn't understand why I wanted to spend so much time getting ready.  Boys just don't get it, but he was a good sport about it and got a snack while I showered. When I was finished getting ready he was napping, naps are rare, so really he should be thanking me! I tried to take a good picture of myself, since I so rarely take the time to put on makeup and wear an outfit that doesn't involve yoga pants, but I discovered I am really bad at taking selfies. These are the only two where I aimed the camera in the right direction.. I also tried to get a picture of both of us in the elevator mirror on our way to dinner but both our heads are chopped off.
 Our waiter at dinner told us about a new boardwalk by the river. It was really pretty, and I once again annoyed Andrew by turning the event into a "photo shoot". By "photo shoot" I mean, I wanted to get a couple of nice shots of him and have him take a few of me. To be fair, he once again was a good sport, despite not seeing a point to the pictures.
 The next morning we ate breakfast at a cute little cafe/bakery/florist that I found out about online while planning our getaway. We discovered that Walton's Fancy and Staple was clearly a well known gem, because the place was packed!
The online reviews all recommended the french toast, and it did not disappoint!
We made one last stop before coming home. Costco. Which just goes to show, we must be pretty lame if a trip to Costco without the girls feels like a luxury!