Sunday, August 10, 2014

Eloise: 7 Months

Eloise is a very social little thing. If stuff is going on, Eloise wants to be right in the middle of it. I think she gets that from me. We also share a love of food. Eloise turns her nose up at bland baby cereal, she wants the good stuff! Whatever we have, Eloise has too. Her favorites include, strawberries, peaches, eggs, bread, bell peppers, applesauce, chicken, cheese, and bananas. She is more adventurous in trying new foods than Penny. Eloise has helped motivate Penny by example to try new things. For example, Penny started to eat broccoli after seeing Eloise happily munching on it.
Whenever Andrew and I need to divide and conquer, Andrew teams up with Penny and I with Eloise. It seems natural since Eloise needs me to nurse her but as Eloise is getting older, Andrew is able to help more and more. Today I put Penny to bed while Andrew got Eloise bathed and dressed. I could hear the two of them laughing and playing and enjoying each others company. Andrew and Eloise are quite a cute pair!
Eloise continues to get more and more mobile. She is a fast army crawler and has started to push up onto all fours and rock back and forth. She is also pretty good at planking.
Being a mom of two is much harder than I expected. Subconsciously, I thought Eloise would behave just like Penny and that we were already experts at this parenting thing. I was very wrong. Eloise is not Penny. She is her own little person! And I love her for it! 

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