Thursday, August 14, 2014

Little Cinderella

Costco had racks of Disney costumes a few weeks ago and Andrew and I let Penny get one. I wanted her input so I held up a few different princess dresses to see which one she liked best. Penny didn't care which one we got, as long as she got to put in on right that second. She started taking off her clothes right then and there. In the middle of Costco on a crowded Saturday. So naturally, she burst into tears when I told her she had to wait and I helped get her arms back in her sleeves. When she finally got to try the Cinderella dress on, she was thrilled! She kept saying it was "ritddy" (that's Penny for pretty). For the first time ever, she wanted to pose for pictures. So we went outside and she twirled and posed for me and it was the greatest thing that ever happened to us.

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