Sunday, August 3, 2014


Like most first time moms, I read about the importance of reading to your baby. I was determined to read to Penny as often as possible, even starting before she was born. I used to read my scriptures out loud to my belly while I was pregnant. Andrew was dragged into my obsession and I pressured him to "bond" with newborn Penny by reading to her. To my horror, Penny showed little to no interest in books or being read to for almost the first year of her life.
I have mellowed out a little, second babies help with that, and Penny did eventually start to enjoy books. Her interest started with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. My sweet grandma gave Penny a copy of it right after she was born. 
Penny would struggle to carry that big heavy book to me and sit in my lap while I read it to her. At least once a day for months on end. She still loves that book, especially now that she is starting to learn her letters. 
Now, she loves being read to and will bring me book after book. Recently, she has started trying to read the books out loud to herself. She remembers some of the words or just babbles, mimicking my intonations. 
Go, Dogs, Go is another favorite. She ripped a few pages out of it one night and has been sad about it ever since. 
I recently got a new lens for my camera, so every little activity has turned into a photo shoot. I am sure with time, that this obsession will mellow out too and my kids can go back to playing without the momarazzi...

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