Saturday, August 2, 2014

Utah Visit

The girl's and I took a trip to visit my family last month. I was nervous to travel alone with both girls. The flight was long and uncomfortable, but the girls were really good about it. They turned out to be good little travelers and slept and napped better that week than they normally do at home.

We spent the first few days at my parents. My family made sure that my girls had a blast! My mom took Penny and I swimming and to story time and Aunt Taylor let Penny play with all of her beloved dolls. Then we went to the annual Harris family reunion. It is always fun to see all my aunts and uncles and cousins! We went to a big lodge in Altamont with a pool. As usual, Eloise's floatie attracted a lot of attention. 

We also went to a nearby reservoir and my dad brought his jetskiis! 
My cousin Holly and my uncle Todd
Penny was afraid of the water, but had a blast playing in the sand.
One night we had a talent show. Everyone did something, including Penny and me. We sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Penny thought the show was really neat. She watched really intently and then clapped really hard after every act.
After the reunion, we had a big party at my parents house with a lot of friends from California! It was fun to catch up and see each other again. Kiersten even drove down from Idaho just to see us! Hilary got this picture of all of us:
It was a fun visit! So fun, I didn't stop to take a single picture! Thankfully Sydney took some and let me use them! She also took these cute pictures of Eloise:
We missed Andrew quite a bit! He found a way to get a pass to go through security and was waiting for us when we got off the plane with flowers :)

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