Thursday, September 18, 2014

Father and Daughter

Daughters have been good for Andrew. His girls bring out a tender side of him that would otherwise hide behind his tough, logical exterior. Andrew is very protective of his girl's comfort and schedules. Nap time will not be interrupted for anything, not even his own parents. When he picks out clothes for the girls, he likes to dress Eloise solely in loose onseies, since those are surely the most comfortable. Meanwhile, Penny has upgraded from onesies to leggings and a comfortable t-shirt.
Penny adores her dad. All day she asks me where he is, "Daddy's at work Penny, he will be home after your nap." Every time she sees or hears a car pass she perks up and yells, "Daddy's home!" and I explain, "That's not Daddy, he's working, he will be home later." When he finally does come home, he is greeted with many cheers and hugs.
 In the evenings, Andrew watches the girls while I go to a CrossFit class. While I am gone, they like to build forts, play outside, and go for walks. Penny and Andrew went on one such walk last Saturday. Although I was home, I was not invited, but snuck out and found them as they were coming home, and greatly annoyed them both by snapping a few pictures of them.
It's not hard to see why Penny adores her dad so much :)

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  1. What a great post! Makes me excited for my future. Andrew was also a great older brother. Still miss him