Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

We awoke Christmas morning to a fresh blanket of snow. Penny would have been content staring out the window, but the rest of us were anxious to open presents.
This year, I made all the gifts. I made my mom an apron, Taylor got a locket with lipgloss inside, the girls got handmade dolls, Penny got a baby carrier, and I painted my Dad a picture of the town we lived in when we spent a summer in Italy. Our Handmade Christmas stretched my creative abilities to their limit. I have a lot of room for improvement, but I rediscovered how much I enjoy creating things. As I sewed, crafted, and painted I thought about the recipient which made the gifts feel a lot more meaningful than they would otherwise. 
Penny named her doll, Lucy, which seems to be her favorite name. A few days prior, she told me her name was Lucy and insisted I call her by her new name. Now the name belongs to her new doll.
It wouldn't be Christmas without our traditional breakfast of grease gravy and biscuits (trust me, weird name, but it tastes delicious!) This year, Aunt Debbie brought some fancy hot chocolate to add the meal--fingers crossed that it become a new tradition!

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