Sunday, December 7, 2014

Halloween 2014

For Halloween this year Eloise wore a darling pumpkin hat that was once worn by my sisters.
Penny dressed up in a kitty costume that my mom made me when I was her age. She loved Halloween! The decorations, the pumpkins, and especially the candy! She still talks about trick or treating on a regular basis.
Showing off the pumpkin she painted at preschool
We went to the our church trunk or treat a few days before Halloween and hit the neighborhood the day of. Penny's neighbor friend, Jase, and his parents joined us.
Our neighborhood was overflowing with trick or treaters! 
I had my parents dig up some old Halloween photos of my sisters and me. It is fun to compare them to my girls!
Me in the kitty costume
Aunt Stephanie wearing the pumpkin hat
Aunt Stephanie and Me
Stephanie and Me
I think my girls might look a little bit like me after all!

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  1. Oh that is just so cute! I didn't realize those were yours and your sister's costumes. I love that! And I love seeing those old pictures. So fun.