Sunday, May 31, 2015

Penny's Third Birthday Party

Over the last year, Penny has grown increasingly chatty and imaginative. I think three is going to be a good age. She likes to chat with us before bed and recount her day and spent one playdate arguing endlessly with her cousin over who got to be the "daddy" in their little imaginary game. (I guess they mistakenly think that being a dad is more fun than being a mom!) Frozen is still the best movie ever made with endless renditions of "Let it Go" at all hours of the day and night. Penny also likes to make new friends where ever we go, often yelling things like, "Good MORNING!" from the top of the playground to complete strangers as they pass by on an evening stroll.

We had Penny's birthday party this weekend. It was a casual party with a playdate feel, with the exception of the giant chocolate sprinkle cake that Penny as been dreaming about for weeks on end. All discussion of her birthday centered around having a big cake with sprinkles. A few days before her party, the doorbell rang--which usually indicates a package has arrived--and Penny perked up and excitedly exclaimed, "My Cake!", mistakenly thinking that the mailman was finally bringing her long overdue birthday cake. I am happy to report, that the cake I made lived up to her expectations! 
(The inspiration for Penny's cake came from Sweetapolita and I used this recipe)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Penny Turns Three

"My birthday is coming up!" - This is what Penny has been saying for weeks to anyone who will listen. Her birthday has been the topic of many conversations in our home. Whenever I would ask her what she wanted for her birthday she would say. "Cake! With sprinkles! And candles!" And today, her birthday finally came!
Our little Penny, who would have been happy with just the donuts and balloons, was spoiled with presents today. We got her a little play kitchen and dishes and Grandma and Baba Himmer got her a cute wooden mixer to go with it. Also, her Auntie Stephanie picked out a darling Minnie Mouse jeep that she knew Penny would go nuts for and convinced the rest of my siblings and parents to go in on it with her.
Andrew and I set up the kitchen the night before and let Penny come out and discover it this morning. She was so thrilled! So much so, that she didn't even notice the big plate of donuts waiting for her on the kitchen table.
Penny didn't end up taking much of a nap today, as she was too busy cooking playing with her new kitchen to stop for something as trivial as a nap!
In other exciting news, we had a tornado watch turned tornado warning that resulted in me throwing some water and food storage in our walk in closet and getting the girls up from their naps to hunker down during the storm. Andrew thoroughly mocked me for taking the warning so seriously. Thankfully, the storm passed and left us untouched.

All in all, it was a birthday to remember! And the celebrations aren't over just yet, we still have Penny's party to look forward to! And the much awaited sprinkle cake!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Schools Out!

Preschool has been such a good thing for our social little girl. Penny has thrived! I never planned to start her in preschool so early, but this small, once a week preschool in the teacher's home was the prefect fit. It fills the gaps of my abilities, like having music and craft time. Her teacher, Miss Natalie, would always comment on how intently Penny would work on the craft that particular day. Her little art projects have covered our fridge all year long.
Penny adores Miss Natalie. As do I! She is so sweet and patient with all the kids. She made an adorable little scrapbook with pictures from the year and had the preschoolers give them to their parents after the end of school performance. I nearly started bawling on the spot as I flipped through the book.
I snapped a few pictures of Penny on her last day of school:
And just for fun, here is how Penny has changed over the last year: