Sunday, May 31, 2015

Penny's Third Birthday Party

Over the last year, Penny has grown increasingly chatty and imaginative. I think three is going to be a good age. She likes to chat with us before bed and recount her day and spent one playdate arguing endlessly with her cousin over who got to be the "daddy" in their little imaginary game. (I guess they mistakenly think that being a dad is more fun than being a mom!) Frozen is still the best movie ever made with endless renditions of "Let it Go" at all hours of the day and night. Penny also likes to make new friends where ever we go, often yelling things like, "Good MORNING!" from the top of the playground to complete strangers as they pass by on an evening stroll.

We had Penny's birthday party this weekend. It was a casual party with a playdate feel, with the exception of the giant chocolate sprinkle cake that Penny as been dreaming about for weeks on end. All discussion of her birthday centered around having a big cake with sprinkles. A few days before her party, the doorbell rang--which usually indicates a package has arrived--and Penny perked up and excitedly exclaimed, "My Cake!", mistakenly thinking that the mailman was finally bringing her long overdue birthday cake. I am happy to report, that the cake I made lived up to her expectations! 
(The inspiration for Penny's cake came from Sweetapolita and I used this recipe)

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